Got my boot for a second time yey!

Hi all,
16 days post op for re rupture. Last time was in a cast 6 weeks. Same doc and it went something like this…
Me, “why did I have to have a tendon graft?” Doc, “because even in full plantar flexion there was a 5 mm gap, I didn’t want scar tissue in the gap I [...]

Bit of advice please about tendon grafts.

Hi all,
seeing doc for first time Wednesday and I’m going to try to get into my boot. Will be 16 days post op for re rupture. Does anyone out there know if having had a tendon graft from my big toe will¬†make any difference to the rehab time? Want to be advised before I stand [...]

How long do you wear compression socks for?

Hi all,
eleven days post op for Re rupture…boy it’s dragging more this time! How long did you guys wear compression socks (I should say sock) for? I only had blood thinners for one week too, is that normal? Thought everyone else seemed to have a much longer supply.

Anyone else heard of PRP?

Hi all,
been reading Arielvit’s post. Has anyone else heard of PRP injections. also he was walking FWB in an aircast after one week… Jeez what is going on here? I want to know why we are ALL not offered this stuff?

One week post op for re rupture

Hi all,
nothing much to report. Feels OK. Bit gripey. Keeping it up as much as possible. Off the pain killers completely now, don’t feel I need them. Have an appointment on the 26th September, week Wednesday, can’t wait. Frustrated at having to go¬†through this boring procedure again….

Surgery for Re rupture…

Hi all,
I’m four days post op and I needed a tendon graft…not exactly sure why as I can’t remember what the surgeon said to me as I was on morphine….Will find out why when I go for my first visit. Took two hours though. He did say dorsi flexion would be difficult to get back. [...]

Surgery for Re rupture Monday Morning

Hi All,
I’m having surgery on Monday. Not at my local hospital and not free…..they simply could not give me a date and they say although I’m urgent I am not an emergency and that is that…. Not prepared to wait anymore and I get my guy who I trust.
Can I get as many post op [...]

UK guys, how long did you wait for surgery?

Hi all,
my guy couldn’t do it yesterday so now I wait for a call. Spoke to his secretary who said there was a crisis at the hospital, shortage of beds and anaesthetists…great. My doc said clinically it wouldn’t make any difference and to walk in the boot or even in trainers with heel wedges in? [...]

Confirmed re rupture

Hi all,
had my MRI and it shows a re rupture. Weirdly the tendon still has fibres attached all the way around but a gaping hole in the middle. My guy said if it was his tendon he would have done exactly as I have, non op first but now he totally recommends surgery. I await [...]