Why does my calf hurt so much?

Hi all,

you guys know what happened last week and I am back in my boot with a heel wedge in. Thing is my calf feels like someone kicked it really hard a couple of days ago and every step hurts against the back of my boot. It almost feels bruised. I have no swelling anywhere at all even around my achilles. Any thoughts on why and what I could do to help it? Thanks.

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  1. Hi Sheena, obviously it’s good that this resource is here to offer advice, nothing better than being proactive though. I know you’re in Berks, so maybe you have a local physio that can fit you in today or tomorrow. Failing that, if you have someone to drive you, the guys I saw yesterday were great, they don’t have an MRI scanner, but they do have lots of other equipment, unlike anything I had seen at the private physios. £35 for an appointment. The Varney Practice in Enfield. Wizz round the M25 and the straight down the A10, very easy to get to. Best of luck.

  2. Hi Sheena, I encountered the same, or similar experience. I’m not sure what it was exactly but it was sore to the slightest touch. Took about a week for it to go away and hurt like a #$%^ when my calf would spasm at night.

  3. Thanks guys.

  4. Many of our internal injuries — the ATRs, scar tissue releases, and most of the others — present at least partly as bruises. Most of us had black-and-blue patches on our feet after our ATRs (drawn down by gravity), for example. And bruising HURTS. Yes, it usually also causes swelling =~ inflammation, which you aren’t finding, but who knows?

    My only pain from EITHER of my 2 ATRs was about 12 weeks post-op on my first, when my (tiny female) PT “bullied” me into doing as many 1-leg heel raises as I could. The top-back of my heel hurt for a MONTH — a month that I spent back in my hinged boot, after I had been able to walk fine barefoot. I didn’t notice any swelling, either.

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