MRI scan for re rupture Monday

Hi all,
got my scan through, Monday at 8.55. My doctor is back next week too so will see him. So so confusing. Saw an ortho surgeon on Tuesday who said he thought I DIDN’T have a total re rupture and told me to go home and put my trainers on. I didn’t I put my [...]

Why does my calf hurt so much?

Hi all,
you guys know what happened last week and I am back in my boot with a heel wedge in. Thing is my calf feels like someone kicked it really hard a couple of days ago and every step hurts against the back of my boot. It almost feels bruised. I have no swelling anywhere [...]

Re rupture not confirmed…..I need an MRI scan

Well, I went to see the surgeon today. Not the guy I have been seeing but this guy is equally as good apparently. Not what I was expecting to hear. Firstly, when I told him I had failed the Thompson test in A&E last Friday he looked at me with utter disdain (didn’t like that [...]

Has anyone gone non op twice. I have re ruptured…advice please.

I re ruptured last night and am waiting to see the doctor next Tuesday. Back in plaster. Has anyone out there gone down the non op route twice? I don’t think it is a common thing and I will wait to see what the doctors say. I hate the thought of surgery and the unknown [...]


Hi all,
not posted for a few weeks, been enjoying my freedom and been on holiday.
Spent this evening in A&E in the UK. Reruptured.
13 weeks, non op. All I did was walk up a slight hill, slight hill, not thinking what I was doing I must have pushed off too hard and pop. I feel like it [...]

Ok so it hurt…..

Went to physio yesterday…and boy did it hurt, like hell! He did that massage  thing to push fluid up my leg and to work on the scar tissue. Not as bad as child birth but painful. Felt easier afterwards but it’s sore today.
He wants me out of my boot for good now. I will wear [...]