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Hi all,

had my second physio yesterday and it was more of the same. She said things looked better. Bruising gone, no swelling really and a bit more ROM. I have to take out my last heel insert on Monday and take it very easy, putting it back in if I feel it’s too much. Carry on doing the same gentle stretching. Putting my foot on the floor lots but not weight bearing on it just to get it used to being on the floor really. I have two more weeks in the boot with no heel wedge and then we wean off slowly. Not using crutches at all now but will go back to them when back in two shoes.

She said my leg is looking much better quicker than the last ATR she treated so I guess that’s good news.

Happy healing to all.

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  1. Definitely good to look better quicker, S!!

    You’ve been through a novel “one-off” non-op protocol, as I recall: very early WB but long casted immobilization. It’d be interesting to see it compared to the UWO approach in a randomized trial. At this rate it might be 100 years before we have the best rehab protocol, with or without surgery.

  2. Hi Norm,
    yes my protocol has been different…..I think I have an idea as to why my guy does things the way he does but I may be way off the mark….
    I had my cast changed every two weeks for six weeks. I now have an aircast boot not a hinged boot with one heel wedge. I asked for a boot earlier but he didn’t trust me not to slip as I had done in my cast. I think he thought I might take it off when I shouldn’t. I think he likes the cast because it is much much lighter than a boot, he thinks it’s easier to sleep in a cast and I agree. I have not had to sleep in my boot at all and I’m glad becaue it is twice as heavy as my light weight cast was. I may have done too much too soon in my boot. I have FWB since the moment I had my boot. He said WB as tolerated so I walked out and have never used my crutches since. Would I have done too much too soon in a boot, yes I would, I have two little kids.

    The PWB from day 4 when he actually cast me is unusual I agree but has worked for me.He did ultra sound me on day one and day 14 to make sure all was well. I am being really careful and listening to my physio as I don’t want to overdo it.
    One thing is for sure though Norm, if it wasn’t for your wisdom I wouldn’t have come to the decisions I did so confidently and I thank you for that……..

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