I love my boot!

Hi again,

I got my boot yesterday. Aircast, no hinge with one heel wedge. Doc said WB as tolerated. I seem to be able to walk around at home just fine. No pain. It’s fantastic to be able to just move about the kitchen without knocking over a crutch leaning onto a drawer or one of my kids knocking them over….

First PT tomorrow. When out of the boot last night I soaked my foot, which had been in a cast for six weeks, for an hour and then gently moved it about. Hardly moved at all. Gently put it on to┬áthe ground and that awful spongy feeling is still there….I’m nervous about tomorrow!

2 Responses to “I love my boot!”

  1. Sneena,
    Glad you love your boot. I think walking in it FWB was a bigger thrill for me then even going 2 shoes. So much more you can do without those damn crutches. Still the day you part with your now beloved boot. will be a very happy occasion.

    PT for me was pretty easy the first day. The scariest part was when they told me to pull my toes up so they could check my dorsiflexion The scary part comes in with the balance exercise which come much later.

  2. I’ve always said that going FWB — and ditching the crutches, being able to carry stuff around, etc. — is the biggest breakthrough of all. That’s one of the reasons the following healing and strengthening — including going to 2 shoes — often seems like a “frustrating plateau”. With most of these breakthroughs, our actual speed of getting around usually DROPS for a while. But it usually drops a LOT when we go to 2 shoes, making that less of a pure joy. (Going FWB is slower than crutch-walking, but that’s usually totally overshadowed by having a cup of coffee in your hand for the first time in over a month!)

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