Drove to physio…..new therapist!

Hi all,
drove to physio last Friday….first time in the car. Was OK actually but wouldn’t want to drive too far. I wasn’t using my foot as I normally do I was driving whilst trying not to push too hard down with the ball of my foot. UK stick shift car.
Got a new physio. I liked [...]

Just how tight should this tendon be?

Hi all out there,
may I ask a question please? I am non op and will be nine weeks on Thursday. Taking a few baby steps with trainers on (physio doesn’t know) just how tight should this tendon be feeling please anyone? Everytime I put my foot on the floor I can feel that pull and [...]

Baby steps a question please…

Hi all,
I am at 8 weeks and FWB in a non hinged boot. My doc doesn’t want me to wean off the boot until 30th July and my physio is following what he says. I have been taking some steps around without the boot on, not much, just a little and I intend to continue [...]

Last Wedge came out….

Hi all,
my last heel wedge came out on Monday and it hasn’t been too bad. Still doing the same ROM movements but also been standing for periods of time with my feet together out of the boot to really give the tendon a stretch. My physio is really really careful and doesn’t want me to walk [...]

Sore big toe!

Hi All,
does anyone else get a sore big toe in their boot? I had a word with the physio and she said it is where the tendon from there has not worked in weeks and is now feeling it. My boot isn’t rubbing there at all but it doesn’t half hurt sometimes! It is the [...]

Second physio

Hi all,
had my second physio yesterday and it was more of the same. She said things looked better. Bruising gone, no swelling really and a bit more ROM. I have to take out my last heel insert on Monday and take it very easy, putting it back in if I feel it’s too much. Carry [...]

First Physio

Had my first physio!
She was pleased with how it looked and how I was walking in the boot. Not much swelling. Ultra sound and then some gentle ROM exercises. She wants me to take it really easy and do these just twice a day for this week. No pushing at all…she said that will come [...]

I love my boot!

Hi again,
I got my boot yesterday. Aircast, no hinge with one heel wedge. Doc said WB as tolerated. I seem to be able to walk around at home just fine. No pain. It’s fantastic to be able to just move about the kitchen without knocking over a crutch leaning onto a drawer or one of [...]

Got the Boot!

Hi all,
got my aircast boot today and it is quite comfy…My leg looks like a hairy twig! It is disgusting! I have skinny calves anyway (my mate once said I had legs like chicken drumsticks, good mate hey!) My one pathatic calf really does look emaciated…
Six weeks on Thursday, non op and  doc was pleased. [...]