Purple toes and non oppers!

Hi all Non oppers,
do you guys get really purple toes when on your feet for no time at all really? If I stand at all my toes turn dark purple, blood pooling I guess. Is this because the calf can’t pump the blood back up? Think it is. Does this last for ages? As soon [...]

Back in another cast for 2 weeks at week 4.

Hi all,
couldn’t wait until my appointment next Monday to see if my stumble had caused any damage. Doc agreed to see me yesterday. Took off the cast and did lots of me pushing at his hand kind of tests. He said the tendon was intact but I had done some damage hence the swelling and [...]

Took a stumble non op can anyone advise please?

Hi all,
3 weeks non op. Second cast tendon healing nicely on ultra sound and had response to Thompson test. This was all on Monday. Last night (3 weeks today since rupture) I stumbled and put my bad foot out which took too much weight. Happened in a flash. Really bad burning pain immediately at rupture [...]

Phew it’s healing!

Hi all,
Went to see doc today after having huge cramp on Thursday which made me feel like possible healing tendon had been yanked up into my calf….It hadn’t. Ultra sound showed that it was healing. I also had a reaction to the Thompson squeeze test which was reassuring.
Took my cast off. Felt very weird and [...]

What are DVT symptons?

Hi All,
I am two weeks post non op and worried about dull ache in calf. Has anyone out there suffered DVT and what were your symptoms please? I am in UK and not on blood thinners. In a cast full equinis.

A question for any non op patients please.

I have been on non op protocal since 24th May after having an ultra sound. I’m in the UK. The OS said that in equinis my tendon ends just met but that there was a slight haematoma there which may inhibit healing. Not sure why, it was one of those things I forgot to ask. [...]

Achilles rupture playing badminton

Hi all,
I live in the UK and am not an athlete at all, only moderately fit. A bit of running and snow boarded for a week in March.I was playing badminton only for the second time in my life, 46, trying to keep a little fit. Have had a bad back for years and always [...]