28 since surgery for re-rupture

Hi all,

how time flies when you’re not nursing a cast for an ATR….

28 weeks now and can do a single leg calf raise, although the physio said I was cheating a bit. Broke into a run the other day but bottom line, I’m lazy. The physio said at my age (47) if I don’t work at getting the strength back then it won’t come at all. My only incentive is to get back on a snowboard next year but then I wonder if my bottle will have gone for fear or more injuries. I think I’ll stick to wine drinking, at home, then I can’t fall over and do it again. Maybe I’ll have to stay downstairs too, or better still not move at all!

On a serious note, good luck to all who are new to this. As been said many times in the past it does get easier. My tendon is still very tight if I have been sitting for ages and in the morning I limp for the first few steps. I have a cankle now, no longer an ankle and the calf is still a hairy twig. I have always had skinny lower legs but now it is straight up and down. Need to start adding weight to the calf raises. Happy days to all.

Hi to Hillie, David R, Ryan B and of course Norm xxx

Calling all snowboarders

Hi all,
20 weeks since surgery for re rupture and FHL graft….I know I’m not boarding this year no way but how long did you guys out there leave it until getting back on a board? I have never been a skier so maybe I need to learn? Would really appreciate some advice. I’m left footed and my ATR is on my right foot.
Thanks guys…

20 weeks since FHL graft for re rupture

How time flies once you can walk again….

Started a new job so been very busy. I’m doing well and the FHL graft feels good, feels strong. Doing my physio, can calf raise on both legs but not single yet, even broke into a slight jog the other day without realising but I am still over cautious, the snow has terrified me! Been swimming and take Norms advice about calf raises in the water. Hope the community is all good and happy healing to all. Gets easier over time it really does. Bracing for one last snow fall here….

Nearly 13weeks of round two

Hi all,

nearly 13 weeks now and it seems good. Doing physio and started to walk the kids to school again. Nearly a mile each way. Amazing how unfit I am after six months and doing this twice though. I’m shattered after walking to school. Get lots of aches and pains in it from time to time and it still feels tight. I’m aware that I’m coming up to the time that I re ruptured so am in the danger zone. It does seem to feel a bit stronger this time than last though. whether that’s the FHL graft who knows…Happy healing all those out there and the new comers too!

10 weeks two shoes 2nd time around

Hi all

ten weeks today after surgery for a re rupture…had FHL tendon graft. Officially in two shoes indoors and out with boot outside if on dodgy ground like son’s muddy football pitch last Saturday. Tendon feels tight but what feels tighter is around the front of my ankle. Feels like it’s in a vice. Did anyone else feel that? So if I’m trying to DF the tightness is all around the front of my ankle at the bottom of my shin where my leg  joins my foot.  Also the achilles feels like it’s catching on something in the bottom of my leg. Massage makes if feel OK but it is a little weird feeling. Seeing the physio Wednesday to up the regime. Can’t believe it is six months since my first rupture and here I am going into two shoes…..

A question about adjusting hinged boots

Hi All,

I have a Vaco boot. My doc not familiar, I bought it myself. He asked me not to adjust the boot below neutral, ( to make the foot DF even more). He’s an Aircast man so not used to boots that DF the tendon. I’m at 8 weeks and I have a copy of a protocol from an NHS hospital in the UK that uses Vaco. It says I should crank my boot down to “step Through” walking at 8 weeks. Not sure what to do. Guys, can you explain to me exactly what this step through setting achieves. Norm, I know you had a hinged boot second time around. Can you explain the mechanics and benefits for me please. My healing feels good at 8 weeks post op.


Nearly 7 weeks from re rupture surgery,scared to dorsi flex…

Hi all,

I’m 7 weeks post op on Monday. Doc seems happy. Nearly neutral in my vacoped boot and will crank it down on Monday, but boy am I scared to dorsi flex. I can just about stretch to neutral. My physio has asked that I use a towel to stretch beyond neutral from the middle of next week. I’m scared, scared of hearing that same loud pop and snap when it re ruptured walking up a disabled access slope at 14 weeks. Norm, Ryan, if you read this what do you think?

When I dorsi flex the tendon, at the point where I think the FHL was grafted feels really tender, like someone is sticking a pin in it. If I massage the area the feeling goes and I can stretch but it feels prickly, is the only way I can describe it. Has anyone else felt these sensations when dorsi flexing? I am really unsure as to how it should feel. It feels much sorer than it did when I was non op. Guess that’s normal if you have not been sliced through two tendons?

Scar lookes ace! Tis only 4 inches long and on the side of my leg in line with my ankle so you won’t see it from the back of my leg at all. Doc did this for cosmetic reasons (bloody hope it works). Rom in all directions except DF is almost normal. Calf, well that’s still a hairy twig but I am doing gentle exercises to build it up…ha ha, will be like this for months!

Hurrah I am FWB and have been since week 4 so can carry and slave about the house for the brats….sore come night time but my fault as I never RICE becasue it never swells so I just carry on and pretend it’s normal. Sometimes, maybe once a day, I do get a searing pain in my calf but it is soon over but a very strong pain. anyone else felt that?

Well, I’m off to bed now. Hubby on night out and I have just finished the leftovers of a fab curry from last night! Get an extra hour in bed too tonight here in the UK……clocks go back!

4 weeks post op for re rupture, my doc loved the Vacoped.

Hi guys,

well went to see my surgeon today sporting my new self funded vacoped…I was a little nervous that he might tell me off for sourcing my own boot without him as he is an Aircast man. I have a good rapport with my guy though and it was actually quite funny. He didn’t even look at my leg he just said OK tell me about the Vacoped. He sat there, he listened to every word. He asked if I had shares in the company and then said, OK, well from now on you can pretty much take care of your own rehab. You know what you’re doing, you know what you can tolerate. Reduce the angle by 5 degrees weekly if you can tolerate it. I’ll see you in two weeks and and please tell the guy from Vacoped that I would like to talk to him about getting this boot in for the NHS here! Voila, job done!  He’s a good guy and recognised something better when it was put in front of him.

I changed the angle of my boot to 10 degrees and trotted out of there with him saying, weight bear as tolerated and see you in a couple of weeks………..with a referal to physio in my hand!

I treated myself to a Vacoped, what a boot!

Hi all,

so, on my second rupture, I thought, I want to try a Vacoped. I want to find out for myself if it’s different. I am in the UK and my NHS hospital supplies Aircast (cost thing I guess). I actually have been very happy with my Aircast. It’s comfortable and easy but does not have a hinge so you wear heel wedges. They are not bad and when standing can easily put all my weight thru the heel just to rest off my crutches for a while. I am 3 weeks post op and my guy wants me to PWB only until I see him next Wednesday. This is similar to the UWO prtocol at the moment. Not sure what his plans will be for me next week.

So back to the Vacoped. Well firstly, I ordered it from Oped UK ( in Devizes), and the lovely manager, Jason, came here with the boot and fitted it for me as there isn’t a local hospital that could do it. How is that for service?

First immpressions….it is a third lighter than the Aircast and much better quality. Jason talked me through the fitting, easy stuff, voila, it is a great boot. It is really snug, better fitting than the Aircast, not so sloppy. The liner is really comfortable and it comes with a spare so you can wash it and it is lighter. I will wear this boot in bed as it is not so heavy and the sole can be removed.

I have the large rocker sole on at the moment and I am wearing a healed boot on the other foot to even it out. (I should have bought an even up and will order one).

So, my verdict on the Vacoped. It is a great boot and really good quality. (What do you expect it is German engineering)!

Any tips from other Vaco wearers for walking in the big sole.

Re rupture 3 weeks post op.

Hi all,

it’s now 3 weeks since my op and I’m in my boot. 4 heel wedges and PWB with crutches. I am being very good! My doc said I didn’t have to sleep in my boot which has been fine, however, at least 3 times last night I woke up abruptly when in my sleep I must have attempted to dorsi flex my foot…Wow, what a shocker that was. I didn’t feel any pain but scary and I hope I haven’t stressed the sutures in the achilles. I may sleep in my boot this week or try to bandage my foot into a plantar flex position without the bandages covering my stitches? Thoughts please?

My sister smashed her ankle to pieces 3 years ago falling off her horse. She was very healthy at the time but since then she has become a health freak eating lots of raw food and drinking smoothies with untold amounts of excellent powders in. She was doing this when she had her surgery for her ankle. She was in surgery for 8 hours and pinned and plated. Her doc was mostly concerned about infection. Well he was astounded at the way she healed. He said he had never seen anyone heal so fast and cleanly. She told him of her diet and supplements etc….who knows what he thought but it seemed to help her….Sooo, when I had my surgery she advised me to take lots of things but one being systemic enzymes. I started to take these and cissus for my non op recovery. As we know I re ruptured. The reason why I’m bringing this up on here is because of the way my wound has healed. 3 weeks and I’m not kidding parts of the scar has dissapeared. Not the actual scar line but the suture marks on either side of the scar have gone! Is this due to the systemic enzymes? I don’t know but I usually have keiloid scars and this is as flat as a pancake, a thin line. It may be the skill of my doc? I don’t know. I have rinsed it with water every day and patted it dry and I will start to massage it this week.

Those enzymes are bloody expensive £90 for 3 months supply…..The ones I have been taking apparently have a state of the art coating so they are absorbed at the correct rate but then they would say that wouldn’t they. Well, whatever it is, my scar looks pretty good. (Hope I’m not tempting fate here).

Doc next Wednesday which will be 4 weeks. Don’t know his next move as he kept me in a cast last time until week 6. I’ll let you know and happy healing guys….