Strange sensation in sole of foot 6 wks post op

I haven’t posted for a while but I’m ecstatic at the thought of getting my fiberglass cast off tomorrow. It will have been 6 weeks 2 days since the surgery so the thought of going into the air cast is extremely liberating! I have been completely non weight bearing for the entire time but if I do try to place my foot flat on the floor there is a very strange sensation that comes from the sole of my foot and extends to underneath my toes. It tingles and feels a little like pins and needles. Has anyway else had this?? I have had no PT whatsoever but assume my surgeon will give me the go ahead to do this very soon. I can’t wait to begin playing an active role in my own healing!!

Calf shrinking…help!!!

Snapped my achilles 2.5 weeks ago playing tennis. Opted for surgery 2 days after the injury and I am now in a cast until my check-up next Wednesday (3 weeks and 1 day after surgery!!) I am worried that this is a long time for the stitches to be in and I’m also concerned about the shrinkage taking place in my left calf as the cast is now noticeably looser! Are there any exercises/massaging that I can do in the next week to prevent unnecessary atrophy of the calf? I am anxious to do whatever I can to speed up the healing process so that I can get back to the business of looking after my family!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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