Tiny Pain and Physical Therapy

I am now into my third week of PT and it seems like my range of motion has gotten much better. My therapist is an intern working under the professional therapist whom I am assigned to and she really worked me today. My legs and tendon were really screaming afterwards but I am not mad at her. I was told by my doctor that these little sharp pains I have every now and then going up and down through my tendon and into my foot are normal as the tendon is healing. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing. The doctor prescribed me 200 mg. of Vitamin B6 for 3 months and then drop it to 100 mg. thereafter.

I am also curious as to when you should be able to raise on the toes on the leg with the injured tendon. I know everyone heals differently, but I was trying to get a general gauge so that I can have some benchmarks to set for myself. Hopefully on February 3 when I see the doctor, the boot will finally be gone forever. This past visit to the doctor this past Wednesday resulted in him putting the boot into neutral and now he wants me to start weaning my way out of it by doing light tasks for about maybe 10 minutes without it on. Slowly but surely, progress is being made.

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  2. My husband’s physical therapist was reading the doctor’s notes aloud the other day — he had a fancy word for toe lifts, but, the doc said none of that type activity for three months after the surgery. (My husband is currently 2 months post surgery.)

    My husband is currently doing an exercise prescribed by the PT guy where he sits on the floor with his leg outstretched; then he wraps an exercise band around the ball of the foot, holds the other end near his body, and pushes his toe against the band. The PT guy said that is technically going against the doc’s orders, but, the PT guy did not think that was any more pressure than walking.

  3. “he had a fancy word for toe lifts, but, the doc said none of that type activity for three months after the surgery.”

    Hmm, I was doing single leg calf raises at two months postop. Why does your doc think this is a bad idea?

    Playing Devil’s Advocate,


  4. For me, double calf raises, and single ones on the reformer, from 8 weeks post op. Standing single calf raises from 12 weeks, I have been advised.


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