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Today was my first day of PT and I am pretty much just doing ROM exercises and stretching. This seems to be the mantra from now until further notice I was told. My next visit is on Dec. 29th and I was told to bring my other shoe with me. Why? I will find out soon enough. I am just wondering if the average PT time for this type of injury is around 6 weeks. More to follow. Keep up the good healing everyone.

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  1. Are you really asking why you were told to bring both shoes to your next PT appointment? I think the answer to that should be obvious. You’re going to be in 2 shoes that day. I don’t believe there is an average time for anything; some people are in 2 shoes around 6 weeks and some don’t get to 2 shoes for 6 months, it all depends on whether your surgeon takes a progressive or regressive approach. It sounds like yours is taking a progressive approach.

  2. Yes, my surgeon is very progressive in his treatment and when I see him on Jan. 6, he is going to put the plantar flexion of my boot into neutral. Right now it is at 10 degrees. I know I am going to be in 2 shoes that day, but I am just wondering what I will be doing in two shoes that day during therapy. I am thinking he may keep me at neutral plantar in the boot for about 2 - 3 weeks before I go into 2 shoes for good but I will have to wait and see.

  3. I am now thoroughly confused. You are still in the boot and the angle is going to be changed on January 6. You may get to do some PT in two shoes on December 29, but it doesn’t sound like your surgeon is ready to tell you to ditch the boot and go to two shoes and FWB. Are you PWB yet?

  4. I am FWB now as of last week which was 3 weeks post-op. I never went to the PWB stage. I am still in the boot and will continue to be beyond the Jan 6th date as I stated. I also stated that my surgeon is very progressive in his treatment. He aspired bone marrow from my foot and put it with the tendon to promote faster healing so in many cases, his patients are in two shoes as soon as 8 weeks post-op. From what I heard about my surgeon, he is world renow and very progressive in his treatments. As I stated, I was told by my PT to bring my other shoe with me so after I go, I will be able to say why? For now, I am just following the treatments that were prescribed to me.

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