Can’t Believe I am FWB Already at 3 Weeks Post Op!

I visited the doctor this morning and he told me that things were healing up nicely. He placed my CAM boot at 10 degrees plantar and gave me the go ahead to put full weight on the tendon while in the boot. When I first placed the foot down on the floor, a rush of pain jolted right up the nerve in my leg reminding me to not stand completely straight up. He told me to keep the foot out in front of me and allow the heal to absorb the weight instead of the ball of the foot at the toes. Next Wednesday is my first physical therapy session (Yeah Babeeeeee!!) and I informed my friends on Facebook that the city is soon going to find out what I sound like screaming! The tendon is still somewhat sore, but I am quite sure this will get better with time. The doctor wants to see me in another 3 weeks, which will be 6 weeks post op and he told me that the boot will be placed into the neutral position. More news to follow later. Peace!

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  1. I went to the doc this AM, too, for my 4 week post-op. I didn’t get the go-ahead for FWB, though. But I’m glad you did! :)

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