Foot Pain

Is it normal for the heal of your foot to be feeling numb at the base of the Achilles tendon? My foot been feeling this way since I came out of the splint and went into the boot last week. I am going to see the doctor in the AM for a scheduled appointment and will ask him about this. Other than this numbness and swelling I get, everything seems to be going in order. The fill-in doctor last week was trying to see where my surgeon had went into to obtain the bone marrow aspirate and he could not locate it. I was looking at my foot the following day and I noticed like two stitches remaining on the other side of my foot so I guess this is where the surgeon went for the bone marrow. I will find out tomorrow when I can put weight on this foot because I am so anxious to do it now, but my better reasoning tells me to wait. Hopefully, I can post some more good news so until then: Peace.

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  1. I know, I’m so anxious to get to at least partial weight bearing. I see the doctor tomorrow AM, too. It’s been 2 weeks in the cast, and I’m dying to find out is it boot and PWB or boot and NWB? It’s strange how every doctor does it a different way- you went straight into the boot, I went into a cast. But we’re both hoping for good news tomorrow!

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