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You know, I am kind of amazed at how my healing is progressing. Even though I am NWB, I found myself not needing any more Percocets on about the 4th day Postop. I am taking some vitamin suppliments that I was told would help in the healing process. I went to the GNC store on the day of the surgery and bought some fish oil tablets and turmeric tablets. I take them once a day and I believe that may be helping in the process. I drink Echinacea tea just to help me from infection everyday. The fish oil is supposed to be good for blood function and the turmeric I think is a natural anti-inflammatory. I just find my leg getting sore in the upper thigh from keeping the weight of the tendon when I am not laying down like how I am now while typing this blog. Hopefully at the doctor’s visit next Wednesday, I can be rid of this cast and go PWB in a boot. Like I said in the earlier blog, my doctor used bone marrow aspirate and put it with the tendon to promote faster healing. I think I am on a regular healing pace but just wonder how long did the pain last for anyone else before they no longer needed painkillers. All I want to do now is just relax and let nature take its course. Also, are there any other vitamins out there that might help in the healing process? Thanks.

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  1. I think I got lucky in the pain department- I only took one pain pill during the whole 2 weeks after my surgery- that was the middle of the night on day 3 post-op. Hurray for nerve blocks!! I might look into that tumeric, thanks.

  2. MaryK

    I was just on the phone with my nurse friend and she confirmed that the fish oil I am taking is very good for connective tissue, which is what the Achilles tendon is. I know one thing, I am so glad for upper body strength because I am getting a serious workout! Thanks for responding.

  3. I was very fearfuly my husband would be in a lot of pain following surgery; the surgical staff cautioned me about the pain; and they were quite adament about him taking pain pills to stay ahead of the pain, so I was pushing those pain pills on him regularly for about 18 hours. Finally he said “enough” and took them only at bedtime for nights 2 and 3; then stopped all together.

    My friend is an orthopedic PA; she did a fair amount of grumbling about surgical staff and nurses who really talk up the pain aspect; and push pain pills. She thinks all that talk heightens the patient’s fear of pain which results in the patient taking more meds than necessary. Boy, I bought into that — I was hurling pills at my husband like clockwork!

    Anyway, he has been remarkably pain free — some discomfort and fatigue but not the white-knuckle pain we thought there might be.

  4. I took my pain meds for three days post op. I am 14 days post op and first doc visit tomorrow. I think the last 4 days have shown a dramatic change in the swelling (which was the biggest issue in my case). Hoping for some good news tomorrow :-).

  5. Quickfix

    With you off of your pain medications, this means that everything then is probably going according to schedule in my case. My first doctor’s visit is next Wed. on the 12th of Dec. The only issue I have is that the cast is not as tight now and I just try to retighten the ace bandage around it without undoing it completely. I wonder if that is a normal thing?


  6. Percocet helped me 2 nights after swelling went down a bit and pain was severe. Took 2 pills and another one the next afternoon.

    Big mistake not to take the pills BEFORE I went to sleep the 2d night after surgery. Probably would have slept through and would have only needed another in the morning. Thereafter, ibuprofen did the job. (You DO NOT want to take Percocet if other analgesic does t6he job.

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