Physical Therapy

Today was my first day of PT and I am pretty much just doing ROM exercises and stretching. This seems to be the mantra from now until further notice I was told. My next visit is on Dec. 29th and I was told to bring my other shoe with me. Why? I will find out [...]

Can’t Believe I am FWB Already at 3 Weeks Post Op!

I visited the doctor this morning and he told me that things were healing up nicely. He placed my CAM boot at 10 degrees plantar and gave me the go ahead to put full weight on the tendon while in the boot. When I first placed the foot down on the floor, a rush of [...]

Foot Pain

Is it normal for the heal of your foot to be feeling numb at the base of the Achilles tendon? My foot been feeling this way since I came out of the splint and went into the boot last week. I am going to see the doctor in the AM for a scheduled appointment and [...]

12th Day Doctor’s Visit

I went to the doctor this morning 12 days post-op and gotten the stitches removed. Ouch! God did it hurt! I am now back in the CAM boot with toes pointed downward at 20 degrees still in NWB status. I was told to come back in another week when the doctor who did the surgery [...]

Pain Relief

You know, I am kind of amazed at how my healing is progressing. Even though I am NWB, I found myself not needing any more Percocets on about the 4th day Postop. I am taking some vitamin suppliments that I was told would help in the healing process. I went to the GNC store on [...]