My Postoperative suffering

Hey there. My name is Shawn Belton and I am a fire investigator working in a fire department in the state of Maryland. On October 19, 2009, while going up for a rebound, I felt a pain like someone was kicking me in my left ankle. After I was referred to a foot and ankle specialist by my doctor a week later, I was told that I had ruptured my left Achilles tendon. I had my surgery on November 27, 2009 and I am now 3-days post op. I supposed the surgeon on December 14 to look at the tendon to reevaluate it so for now, I can’t put no weight on it. My doctor told me that he did a bone marrow aspirate and added it to the tendon to help speed up the healing process because of the stem cells. Hopefully I can be back to work walking by March at the latest. The good thing about my job is that I don’t have to run into burning building anymore. I go into burned buildings after the fact. I just wanted to share this experience I am going through right now and hopefully someone can encourage me just as I can encourage someone else here. I guess being 41 and playing basketball can be a dangerous combination. I would like to play again in about a year or so, but I don’t want to gamble on sustaining another injury that could very well be debilitating.

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  1. Dear Shawn,

    I’m just a little bit ahead of you- I had my surgery November 19th. The best advice I can give you is to take it easy while you recuperate for the first couple weeks. This is one thing you can’t rush- so just relax and give your body the chance it needs to recover. Be absolutely committed to keeping your leg elevated above your heart all the time. Also, buy a shower stool and cast cover right away- I tried to make do with a plastic lawn chair and a garbage bag at first- not a good idea :)


  2. Thanks for the advice MaryK. I am also taking some vitamins that will help with the healing process. I am drinking Echinacea tea to help out with infection, and taking fish oil and Turmeric pills for the healing. It is a real culture shock when you are so used to doing things and then all of a sudden you are so limited. I am going to look for that shower chair and plastic cover today.


  3. Shawn,

    I ruptured mine the same way the end of July going up for a rebound. Although I think someone stepped on my heal as I was going up. It sounds like your doctor is pretty aggresive like mine. I was given the go ahead to walk w/ my boot around week 5. The biggest thing you’ll have to deal w/ when you go back to work is swelling. Good Luck….

  4. I echo the rest. It’s hard but I’ve found that it pays off later on.
    Read, watch tv-shows on
    Before you know it you’ll be up and about.

  5. hey shawn,

    like you i’m on my feet all day for work. not only am i on my feet all day, i’m a lineman at a electric utility company, so i use my legs all day climbing poles, ladders, in & out of bucket trucks….

    I had surgery sept 26, and am probably not going back to work until end of jan or beginning of feb, thats about 5 months of disability. now that i’m pwb, hopefully fwb in another week or two, ( i know this sounds cheesy) i started volunteering at a non profit one to two days a week. figure i’d try to do something positive in between p.t. sessions.

    beats watching daytime tv



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