Coming Right Along

Well today in therapy, I was given my first evaluation since starting about 1 month ago and things are continuing to improve. I am exactly 8 weeks post op today. My ROM has vastly inproved. The only weakness I am really experiencing now is in my plantar flexion which is the reason why I can’t do single toe raises on the affected leg yet. I am now walking without the boot every other day now and I was told I do not have a limp. However, my therapist notices it because she can see the lack of strength when I push off with the toes of the affected leg. So in the next 2 weeks when I see my doctor, I should be rid of the boot for good. So if there is anyone who is discouraged with this injury, don’t be because it only gets better with determination, will, and faith.

Now the Fun is Beginning!

The last few visits to PT have been brutal! My therapist is really working me now and I am glad for it. Today she had me doing lunges in addition to the weights and balancing myself of the BAPS board (I really hate that thing.). I have been also stepping up and down on an 8-inch wooden box and just started doing heal downs from that height. Before, I was doing the heal downs from a 6-inch box. Now that my legs are screaming at me, I will try and get some rest because I am going to need the strength to do it all over again on Friday. I think I am going to set a goal of a least being able to partially go on the toes of the leg with the repaired tendon by the end of the month. I think that is realistic enough for me.

Tiny Pain and Physical Therapy

I am now into my third week of PT and it seems like my range of motion has gotten much better. My therapist is an intern working under the professional therapist whom I am assigned to and she really worked me today. My legs and tendon were really screaming afterwards but I am not mad at her. I was told by my doctor that these little sharp pains I have every now and then going up and down through my tendon and into my foot are normal as the tendon is healing. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing. The doctor prescribed me 200 mg. of Vitamin B6 for 3 months and then drop it to 100 mg. thereafter.

I am also curious as to when you should be able to raise on the toes on the leg with the injured tendon. I know everyone heals differently, but I was trying to get a general gauge so that I can have some benchmarks to set for myself. Hopefully on February 3 when I see the doctor, the boot will finally be gone forever. This past visit to the doctor this past Wednesday resulted in him putting the boot into neutral and now he wants me to start weaning my way out of it by doing light tasks for about maybe 10 minutes without it on. Slowly but surely, progress is being made.

Physical Therapy

Today was my first day of PT and I am pretty much just doing ROM exercises and stretching. This seems to be the mantra from now until further notice I was told. My next visit is on Dec. 29th and I was told to bring my other shoe with me. Why? I will find out soon enough. I am just wondering if the average PT time for this type of injury is around 6 weeks. More to follow. Keep up the good healing everyone.

Can’t Believe I am FWB Already at 3 Weeks Post Op!

I visited the doctor this morning and he told me that things were healing up nicely. He placed my CAM boot at 10 degrees plantar and gave me the go ahead to put full weight on the tendon while in the boot. When I first placed the foot down on the floor, a rush of pain jolted right up the nerve in my leg reminding me to not stand completely straight up. He told me to keep the foot out in front of me and allow the heal to absorb the weight instead of the ball of the foot at the toes. Next Wednesday is my first physical therapy session (Yeah Babeeeeee!!) and I informed my friends on Facebook that the city is soon going to find out what I sound like screaming! The tendon is still somewhat sore, but I am quite sure this will get better with time. The doctor wants to see me in another 3 weeks, which will be 6 weeks post op and he told me that the boot will be placed into the neutral position. More news to follow later. Peace!

Foot Pain

Is it normal for the heal of your foot to be feeling numb at the base of the Achilles tendon? My foot been feeling this way since I came out of the splint and went into the boot last week. I am going to see the doctor in the AM for a scheduled appointment and will ask him about this. Other than this numbness and swelling I get, everything seems to be going in order. The fill-in doctor last week was trying to see where my surgeon had went into to obtain the bone marrow aspirate and he could not locate it. I was looking at my foot the following day and I noticed like two stitches remaining on the other side of my foot so I guess this is where the surgeon went for the bone marrow. I will find out tomorrow when I can put weight on this foot because I am so anxious to do it now, but my better reasoning tells me to wait. Hopefully, I can post some more good news so until then: Peace.

12th Day Doctor’s Visit

I went to the doctor this morning 12 days post-op and gotten the stitches removed. Ouch! God did it hurt! I am now back in the CAM boot with toes pointed downward at 20 degrees still in NWB status. I was told to come back in another week when the doctor who did the surgery will be there and then get some more instructions. I was told to keep the boot on at all times and to flex and massage the calf to prevent blood clots. The incision looked real good I must say and I am amazed at how much atrophy my foot went through. Hopefully, I will be able to put some weight on this by Christmas Day which will be exactly 4 weeks post-op. My foot can finally breathe! Yiipeee!!!

Pain Relief

You know, I am kind of amazed at how my healing is progressing. Even though I am NWB, I found myself not needing any more Percocets on about the 4th day Postop. I am taking some vitamin suppliments that I was told would help in the healing process. I went to the GNC store on the day of the surgery and bought some fish oil tablets and turmeric tablets. I take them once a day and I believe that may be helping in the process. I drink Echinacea tea just to help me from infection everyday. The fish oil is supposed to be good for blood function and the turmeric I think is a natural anti-inflammatory. I just find my leg getting sore in the upper thigh from keeping the weight of the tendon when I am not laying down like how I am now while typing this blog. Hopefully at the doctor’s visit next Wednesday, I can be rid of this cast and go PWB in a boot. Like I said in the earlier blog, my doctor used bone marrow aspirate and put it with the tendon to promote faster healing. I think I am on a regular healing pace but just wonder how long did the pain last for anyone else before they no longer needed painkillers. All I want to do now is just relax and let nature take its course. Also, are there any other vitamins out there that might help in the healing process? Thanks.

My Postoperative suffering

Hey there. My name is Shawn Belton and I am a fire investigator working in a fire department in the state of Maryland. On October 19, 2009, while going up for a rebound, I felt a pain like someone was kicking me in my left ankle. After I was referred to a foot and ankle specialist by my doctor a week later, I was told that I had ruptured my left Achilles tendon. I had my surgery on November 27, 2009 and I am now 3-days post op. I supposed the surgeon on December 14 to look at the tendon to reevaluate it so for now, I can’t put no weight on it. My doctor told me that he did a bone marrow aspirate and added it to the tendon to help speed up the healing process because of the stem cells. Hopefully I can be back to work walking by March at the latest. The good thing about my job is that I don’t have to run into burning building anymore. I go into burned buildings after the fact. I just wanted to share this experience I am going through right now and hopefully someone can encourage me just as I can encourage someone else here. I guess being 41 and playing basketball can be a dangerous combination. I would like to play again in about a year or so, but I don’t want to gamble on sustaining another injury that could very well be debilitating.

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