Got the courage

Posted on March 21st, 2010 in Uncategorized by shaw22

I finally got up enough courage to go out and try to run.  At first i started out walking a litle and then gradually built into a run but it hurt my hamstring so i stopped stretched it out and then continued walking and then again ran, after awhile it got to where i could run pretty good only bad part is that i was a little loud with my feet and also very out of shape, but im glad to say that i can run decently now and that helps out. Any tips on running again or helping with my hammy? thanks


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I was a 3 sport athlete in High school which i graduate 2 years ago but i was doing track in College and playing other sports along with running and working out. I was wondering how long it would take to get back into these things cause i am kinda scared of tearing it again and going through all that again. I am at about 5 months now after surgery and i walk with a limp and i tried jogging one time and had to big of a limp and also my hamstring started to hurt a lot, any input cause i really would like to do some of them things again?

About Me

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Hello my name is Anthony Shaw, I go by Aj. I am 20 years old from Rushville, Illinois. I was only 19 when I tore my achilles tendon, I tore it completely in half on the day of October 22, 2009. I was working out for track and doing Pole vault at Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL when this happened, I had no clue what happened. I took off running and planted  and pushed off, then it sounded like a gun had went off and the next thing i knew i was hanging in the air. I came down safely but still had no idea what was wrong, but as i laid there i know that it wasnt good because where my achilles was i could push in on it and it was soft and mushy. So my brother helped me over to the trainer and they did somethings to find out what it was then explained it to me. I was in shock especially because the trainer told me that this was the first one that he’d seen and that it was very rare for this to happen to someone at my age. I went to the hospital later that night and they put a soft cast on it, until i could get to the Orthopedic surgen  Darr Luetz. Then i had surgery on the 27th, it went really well however it was my first surgery so i was a little scared. My doctor told me that i recovered very well from everything, i actually got off my crutches early and started walking earlier than i was suppose to. Only had to do 4-6 weeks of physical therapy and he said the rest i could do on my own. I am now in two shoes and walking for about two months or so. This experience will definately stay with me for the rest of my life and i will have the scar to remind me.