Before and After the Surgery

After injury I went to the hospital for evaluation.The doctor asked me about the incident and did a Thompson’s test and subsequently I was diagnosed with ATR. Then he ordered a MRI to determine the extent of rupture.So I did the MRI and took the results to doc. Then he looked at the results and explained to me about cons and pros of surgery vs. conservative treatment and advised me to do the surgery and I decided to do that.He scheduled my surgery for the next day and had me admitted to hospital the same day. After admission they did a chest X ray and blood test and told me to shave both my legs from top to bottom. Then I had an interview with the anesthesiologist who asked me about any possible addiction and allergies. I spent the night at the hospital and went to O.R. the next morning. It was my very first surgery and I was rather anxious and worried but the cute O.R. nurse talked to me and during the chat she gave me an IV sedative and all the anxiety went away. Then the anesthesiologist attempted a spinal to numb my feet.20 minutes had passed but it didn’t work and I was able to move my legs and sense the pinches! so she quited the spinal and did a general anesthesia and I was out…

I opened my eyes in recovery room and found myself already jocking and laughing! My vision was blurred and my thoughts were shuffled but I couldn’t stop my laughter.I felt like a drunk and intoxicated man. They moved me out the recovery and took me to my room and told me to not drink and eat anything for 4 hours. At this point my injured leg was in a short cast and I had my IV drip. They had done a Krakow method open surgery on my foot.

I stayed in hospital after the surgery for 3 days and during that time they gave me IV antibiotics.Then they sent me home.

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  1. Shary: Are you in the U.S.? They kept you in the hospital for 3 days? My experience is that this is generally an outpatient surgery. Why did they keep you for so long?

  2. No Tom, I’m not. I live in Iran. The general hospital protocol was to keep surgical patients 2 to 3 days after surgery to inject them with IV antibiotics and observation. Maybe they are not so sure about their O.R. environment and operations.

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