So here it goes…

I had been cycling for 3 months before I got injured, and I had got good records like 27 km and 1230 kcal burnt in one hour and I exercised every other day.

So by no mean my feet were weak.Also I had not been using any medication except multivitamins and I had maintained good diet all the time.But It had been a while since I played football.

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  1. shary,
    Don’t beat yourself up about the hows and whys of how you got injured. It seems to be a completely random bad luck lottery. I’ve read enough on this site to know that there are plenty of seriously sporty types who do all the right stuff and they still get ATRs. Take comfort from the knowledge that it is a proper sporting injury - a badge of honour only worn by those who push themselves to the limit! And just don’t mention that you did it tripping over the cat or whatever!

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