The Road Starts Here

One of my college friends ‘who eventually dropped out of the school and owns a grocery shop now’ plays indoor football with a bunch of his friends on Fridays.Here in Iran Fridays are considered the weekend.I usually visit him in his shop every now and then and we do some chit chat there.”Why don’t you play with us on Fridays?”,he said one day and I thought it was a good idea…

Here we are on my first session and game starts after 15 minutes of warm up. I am playing on the right wing and a younger and more experienced player is my direct opponent and from the very start of the match we are challenging each other. His team is one goal ahead and we are trying to score a goal to erase the deficit. I have lost two good opportunities already and I am pushing myself to score a goal. After some back and forth our center player passes a through ball behind the defence and I am not giving this opportunity a way again, so I MUST pass my opponent this time to be in a 1 on 1 with the keeper,I am going for an explosive start and… damn! I heard a hard snap sound and felt a BIG kick behind my foot and I was going down.Suddenly I am in excruciating pain for 5 seconds and then absolutely no pain at all.Initially I thought someone kicked me from behind but when I looked back no one was there and I realized something bad had happened right on the spot. Yes I ruptured my right achilles tendon and the “ROAD to RECOVERY” starts here.


So here it goes…

I had been cycling for 3 months before I got injured, and I had got good records like 27 km and 1230 kcal burnt in one hour and I exercised every other day.

So by no mean my feet were weak.Also I had not been using any medication except multivitamins and I had maintained good diet all the time.But It had been a while since I played football.