Oh my! KD achilles injury.

Tonight watching the NBA finals and saw KD get hurt after coming back from a calf injury, I fear for the worst.  At the post game, it was confirmed my fear that KD has an achilles injury.  Now we will wait and see how bad it is.  I feel really bad and down.  And some [...]

5 months post-op

Today marks the 5 months post-op.  I seems to be doing OK.  Depending on the day, i’m still limbing a little.  To tell the truth, I’m not happy with it but its part of the course I guess.  I’m continuing PT.  I still cannot do the single heel lift on my bad leg.  But my [...]

4 months post-op

Its been just over 4 months post-op.  I’ve been getting better slowly.  Still walking with a slight limp but sometimes people cannot tell.  It all depend on the day.  Most days are good but on the exactly 4 month post op anniversary, I had pain in my achilles tendon and was limping badly.  My PT [...]

3 month post-op

Its been just over 3 months post-op. I had my checkup with my surgeon last Fri.  It was pretty routine and said that I’m doing well overall.
Will continue PT for another 6 weeks and see him back at that time. He mentioned that will probably be the last visit.
I’ve been on 2 shoes full time [...]

Standing in the shower

Its been 3 PT sessions and I’m getting a little better overall.
After practicing walking barefoot at PT, I’m now walking more barefoot at home.  Still, I’m wearing the boot and bring my crutches when i got out or to work.  My therapist has me tried standing heel lift on both feet and I cannot really [...]

First day of PT and I’m driving

Have my first PT session today.  The therapist was very nice.  After going through what happened so far and answered some of the questions, I was measured for ROM and strength. I also walked barefoot for the first time to show her my current condition.  For ROM, my injured side feet is 100% when pulling [...]

Not quite 2 shoes

Saw my surgeon this morning.  After examination, he had me put on my shoes and walk. He feel that I’m not ready for 2 shoes yet because I was still limping.  The fire alarm down 4 flights of stairs definitely aggravated the tendon, so I’m still in the boot.  He told me, I can try 2 [...]

First time back in the office since injury.

It has been over 2 months since I’ve been to the office.  Been working from home since my injury as my office is over 25 miles from home. As of last weekend, I was finally able to start walking in boot without crutches.  Got a co-worker to take me to and back today. I was [...]

3 more weeks to shoes

Saw my surgeon today at 6 1/2 weeks post-op. I’ve been in boot for a week now.  My ankle motion is about 90% of my good feet. My strength is ok but still not string enough to push myself up. Heel wedge is gone and told me to continue to put more weight on in [...]

Walking is a luxury even with boot and crutches

Its been 3 days on the boot, with 50% weight baring. Even with crutches wnd boot, I fount walking to be a luxury.  Just touching my feet on the ground is a joy.
Instead of scootering around the house. I try to walk as much as I can.  My Achilles is quiet stiff when I woke [...]