Oh my! KD achilles injury.

Tonight watching the NBA finals and saw KD get hurt after coming back from a calf injury, I fear for the worst.  At the post game, it was confirmed my fear that KD has an achilles injury.  Now we will wait and see how bad it is.  I feel really bad and down.  And some how I am feeling some soreness on my calf this evening. I’m icing now before I go to bed.  I’ll be going to PT tomorrow and I’m sure it will be part of the conversation.

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  1. Hello all, This post is not about KD (but it was traumatic watching that last night, hope he makes a full recovery) and I cant quite figure out how to post a new topic but I understand this will show up on the main page so…sorry and here goes!

    I originally ruptured in early Nov playing basketball, surgery 1 week later; 2wks splint, another ~7-8wks in CAM boot with heel wedges.

    Approximately 16wks post-op I had a re-rupture while going too fast up the stairs I felt a sharp pain (not sure whether I heard or felt a pop), my heel skin (at the bottom of the incision) spurted some blood - it was traumatic. There was pain but good continuity of the tendon, Dr wasn’t sure so ordered an MRI - which confirmed a rupture. Dr placed my in a cast for 2 weeks followed by 10 weeks of boot with heel wedges. So 12 weeks from the re-rupture I switched to shoes. Ive been in shoes for ~10 days, achilles has felt very tight. I still wear the boot while sleeping or riding stationary bike. Calf is still super atrophied.

    I was riding stationary bike in the boot and felt an odd sensation in my calf, sort of how a muscle feels when it is punched. I stopped riding, but when I took off the boot I felt the tension of my achilles (it had been super tight and stiff) all but go away. I now have dramatically increased active dorsiflexion (its still not much past neutral, but its clear that the ankle bone is the hold up - no stretch in the achilles when I dorsiflex) and a very small bit of swelling around the top of my achilles tendon. I can still point my toes (bent knee and straight knee) and I can very clearly feel my calf pull my heel bone via the lower part of my achilles (top part of the achilles is difficult to tell because its not as pronounced where it molds into the calf muscle…). I dont have any pain, just feeling very confused about why the tendon is VERY suddenly not tight or stiff. Also, I will say in just the 1week of shoe my gastroc had started to feel a bit tougher and less like a bag of water. Since this bike incident, calf is less tight and feels more atrophied.

    Could it be a release of scar tissue? What does a sudden release of scar tissue feel like? My Dr is not the most helpful at explaining things (pretty much missed the rerupture diagnosis - thank goodness for the MRI) so I was hopeful to scrounge some thoughts from this blog before making an appointment.

    Thanks all.

  2. I was watching when KD injured his calf a few weeks ago. At the time I thought he’d ruptured his AT, because when it happened he looked behind him as if he was trying to find the guy who whacked him on the back of the leg, the feeling all of us here are way too familiar with. I was surprised when I learned he hadn’t ruptured it.
    I was not watching last night when he did rupture it. I suppose he had injured it the first time. Supposedly the doctors had imaged the tendon, and pronounced him fit to play. I hope he heals well. He’s a great player.

  3. jzachilles1, I strongly suggest you go see your surgeon, or at least your PT.

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