4 months post-op

Its been just over 4 months post-op.  I’ve been getting better slowly.  Still walking with a slight limp but sometimes people cannot tell.  It all depend on the day.  Most days are good but on the exactly 4 month post op anniversary, I had pain in my achilles tendon and was limping badly.  My PT thinks is just normal up and down.  Nothing seems to be off.  I’m now doing exercise bike for 10 mins and its still feels like my foot is rolling in an oval instead of circle.  Need to work on it more to get the balance between the 2 leg before I can get on a real bicycle.  I can now do 1 leg stand on my bad leg for 15-20s.  Finally, last week I walked 30km total according to my phone.  The longest was 3 30 mins walk with 5 mins rest in between.  Also, i drove my manual transmission sports car for the first time in months.  I was driving using left leg on brake when I was cleared to drive and man, it takes some getting use to the heavy gas and brake paddle using only my right (bad) foot.

Overall, Im glad with my progress and mostly back to normal life except no major exercise and a little slow walking.  I’ll be traveling in the last 2 weeks  of June and will need to walk a lot. Hopefully I be ready by than.

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  1. Hey glad to see you are doing well. Funny you say that, I had one or two random days of achilles pain, but other than that I rarely feel anything in my achiiles. All of my pain has been and is in my foot.

    We are about the same timeframe, as I am in week 17. I think you are walking much more than me. The most I can do is about 10 minutes before my foot aches to the point that I have a bad gait.

    Other than that, I am able to balance really well on the repaired leg, and I can go down stairs very well now. People also have a hard time noticing any limp when I am fresh, but I do feel the weakness of course. Overall my gait is good and only getting better.

    So happy to hear you are progressing. Question: hows your gastro/calf stength? Got anything on the single leg calf raise? Mine is barely trying to wake up, I think i can slide a sheet of paper or two underneath but thats it. Calf feels verry weak and hard to engage. Can you go up on two and transfer to a one leg controlled drop? I can’t, have to hold a counter with about 50-60% of weight as I drop..

  2. Hi beginnersmind19,

    I cannot do single leg heel raise yet. Just started the get up on 2 and transfer to 1 with controlled drop yesterday. It is very hard. I’m holding on to something and can feel the pull on the calf and the heel. Did 2 sets of twenty at PT and I was dead afterwards. I can barely do 10s of single leg stand afterwards.

    Just had another fire alarm at the office yesterday. Since my leg was already tired, walking down 4 flights of stairs was really bad. I’m limping more today.

    My right calf is just under 1 inch smaller than the left right now. Was 1 3/4 inches smaller when I had my cast taken off. Still trying to build up more strength.
    This is my routine as setup by my PT now.
    3×10 heal lift on the edge of steps with stretch 30s in between.
    2×10 side way weight shifting.
    1×10 each of step up in all 4 directions - 2 straight and 2 sideways.
    3x single leg stand.
    2×10 side way lunges but not all the way down.
    3×10 each of 4 directions ankle using the black rubber band.
    3×15 squats, (optional)
    3×10 bridges. (optional)
    Plus, I’m just started 2×10 of 2 heels up and down on 1 (holding on to something).

    I’m doing it daily but some day when its bad, I reduce to 1/2 or 1/3 of the routine.

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