First day of PT and I’m driving

Have my first PT session today.  The therapist was very nice.  After going through what happened so far and answered some of the questions, I was measured for ROM and strength. I also walked barefoot for the first time to show her my current condition.  For ROM, my injured side feet is 100% when pulling up but about 10 degree less when pointing flat.  100% point outwarda and about 5 degree less when I point inwards (to the left) as compare to my right foot.  Strength wise, I’m a little weak on pushing and also pulling to the left side.  I can even see my feet shaking when I pull to the left against her hand.

I often feel a stickiness of the tendon to the skin when I move my feet and she give me a good massage on the tendon and told me that there are some soft tissues and swell that can be massage away.  It felt very good and I don’t have the stickiness feeling through out the whole day.

The exercises were simple, using the band for left/right, up/down pulls.  She also recommend I do some bridging on the floor.  One interesting exercise was toe curl, my toes were not curling as much as my good feet. Even through I’ve been curling them since right after the surgery.  She mentioned depending on my progress, we will do different exerciser next time.

I felt the first session was a good start. Although I still walked out of the clinic in boot with crutches, I was definitely feeling better.  It will be 4 more weeks of 2 session per week.  The goal is to walk without limping by the end.

The real icing on the cake is that I’m allow to drive!!!  Freedom!!!  Cleared by my surgeon and the therapist. I was able to change from boot to my shoes with the heel cup and drove back home.  It was about 15 minutes and it felt great.  I was extremely careful and used my left foot for braking.  My left foot control is good since I normally drive a manual car.  I’m going to drive automatic for a while and my manual car will have to stay in the garage a little longer.

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  1. Yay that you get to drive! That is definitely a great milestone.

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