First time back in the office since injury.

It has been over 2 months since I’ve been to the office.  Been working from home since my injury as my office is over 25 miles from home. As of last weekend, I was finally able to start walking in boot without crutches.  Got a co-worker to take me to and back today. I was actually pretty excited to go back to the office.  Everything was OK until the fire alarm went off and was told that it is not a drill.  So, I have to walk down 4 flight of stairs.  And it was a false alarm. That was slow and painful.  Afterwards, I noticed that my achilles tendon starts to swell up again.  I pop’ed 2 Advil to help control the swelling.  I’m now resting at home with my leg up on ice.  Swelling has gone down and hopefully it will be fine tomorrow.

Going to see my Surgeon this Fri to see if I can move on to shoes and drive again.

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