3 more weeks to shoes

Saw my surgeon today at 6 1/2 weeks post-op. I’ve been in boot for a week now.  My ankle motion is about 90% of my good feet. My strength is ok but still not string enough to push myself up. Heel wedge is gone and told me to continue to put more weight on in the boot.  The goal is to be able to walk in boot without crutches in 3 weeks, if all goes well, I’ll be in shoes then.

My feet’s still swollen, more after I walk around. He said it’s ok. My blisters are mostly dried up and now my skin is flaking off like crazy.  There is still a little itch but the medication cream helps a lot.  There are still many dark spots underneath. Will see dermatologist again next week.

I was a little surprised that my surgeon did not prescribe PT yet. He said, I’m doing ok and just keep doing them simple excerise he showed me and it is good enough for now. PT can come at the time of the shoes.

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  1. I didn’t start PT until I was in shoes either. Though the exercises my doc told me to do are what others did at PT.

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