Walking is a luxury even with boot and crutches

Its been 3 days on the boot, with 50% weight baring. Even with crutches wnd boot, I fount walking to be a luxury.  Just touching my feet on the ground is a joy.

Instead of scootering around the house. I try to walk as much as I can.  My Achilles is quiet stiff when I woke up. But about 5 mins of moving my ankle around to loosen it up. I can put my foot flat 90 degree with my leg. I do limit my walking to a couple of minutes a time because the Achilles start to feel tight. I don’t want to over do it at this point. I have the boot remove when I’ll sitting down to work and moving my ankle most of the time to loosen it up.

Last week with the cast, I was so down, due to the itch and pain. Also could not sleep when most night I just lay there in discomfort for 3-4 hours not able to fell asleep. With the cast off, I’m getting full night sleep. Even with a blistered leg, I’m feeling so much better both physically and mentally. It gave me a burst of optimism on the road to recovery.

Will be seeing my Surgeon again this Fri and hopefully he will clear me to start PT.

As for my leg. It was 90% covered with blood blisters when they open the cast. 2 of them were larger than a penny and full of dark blood. It was a big disgusting mess. The dermatologist gave some Triamcinolone cream and it helped a lot. Pain is gone but still itchy (less than before).  She taught me how to wrap with bandages when I put my boot on and going to sleep. The blisters has mostly dried up today and I see some of them flaking off. She think I must be allergic to the cast lining because there isn’t any around my incision and my foot where they were covered by another lay of meterial.  Anyway, it will be a few week before it all heals up and there could still be some dark spots left afterwards.

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  1. Ugh about your blisters! Now I know why Kaiser says to come to the cast department if you have ANY issues with the cast. I was getting mine changed about every 5 days for my first foot. For the 2nd foot they put me in the boot sooner since my doc knew how badly the cast bugged me.

    That does sound like it might be an allergy. I suggest you find out what was used and write it down somewhere. I found I’m allergic to the adhesive that is used in the big bandages they put on you after surgeries and such. Paper tape and band-aids are OK but when I use those larger bandages I get blisters underneath. So much fun removing a bandage when there are blisters! Anyway I’ve had them put that allergy in my chart for future reference.

    And definitely don’t overdue it! I got delayed a month by overdoing it - though it took me a while to figure out how I was overdoing it - LOL!

  2. Wow, those blisters sound so painful! Having a cast on is hard enough as it is with itching/discomfort/etc.

    I had the same experience as cserpent, with Kasier telling me to come in and change the cast anytime. I only ended up casted for 6 days before going to the boot.

    Honestly, reading your post that you are sleeping well and feeling optimistic makes me realize I will have those days as well soon so just got to hang in there.

    So how long are you to be PWB before transitioning to FWB?

    Just curious, I am PWB at week 5.5 and hoping to be FWB at week 7. Whoa, that’s right around the corner..

    Continued luck in your recovery

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