Cast off, boot on

After about 5 1/2 week post-op, I finally got the cast off and on to a boot.  I have 1 heel cup in the boot and got cleared for 50% weight baring with crutches.

Will go back next Fri to see how I progress and he will prescribe PT.

My whole lower leg come out of the cast full of blisters and blood bobbles.  It is disgusting, I was referred to see a dermatologist this afternoon.

One Response to “Cast off, boot on”

  1. Congratulations on getting the boot. Steps like this seem so monumental in the healing process, so celebrate! Just try not to overdo it with the boot, and continue to ice and elevate.

    When I get my cast off and I saw my foot, all I could think of was that seen from the movie “Misery” where she takes a sledgehammer to his feet to hobble him. My foot looked just like that.

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