Goal is back to the court this year

Ok, familiar story, playing sports (badminton) and bam! It snapped….

Time line:

Dec 11, injured while playing badminton in the evening. It was the last point of the game and 1 step, I thought, who hit me at the back of my leg. I knew it is bad.

Dec 13, see surgeon, he mentioned that the rupture is higher then normal, so there could be some muscle tissue around and it may take longer to heal.

Dec 18, had surgery.  Surgeon said it’s one of the worst rupture he has seen in 13 years of doing this.  He said my Achilles’ tendon looks like spaghetti when he opened up. I was put on a splint and sent home.

Dec19, Dreamed about jumping and asked, why some one step on the back of my leg? Jumped again an it hurts. Woke up in serious pain as I was probably kicking the injured leg in my dream.

Dec 21, stopped using pain med. Lay in bed all day

Dec 27, first post op visit, stitches were removed, and put into a cast. He made me bend my feet as much as possible. Maybe around 50-60 degree. Due to the servility of my Achilles, He wants me to stay in the cast longer. Until 1/28.

Dec 30, first time going out to have dinner with my family

Jan 1, go out to have dinner again with family. Feeling pretty good.

Jan 2nd, started workin from home on desk. Injured leg gets tired after about an hour. Need to lay down for an hour before going back to work.

Jan 8, 3 weeks post-op. Really feeling good. Was able to sit on desk for 3 hours working with my leg up.

Jan 11, In the evening, pain comes back!  It is not that bad but constant. Itch also started. Basically cannot sleep.  Laid in bed the whole weekend but condition did not improve much.

Jan 13, cannot take the constant pain any more. Took pain med and was able to sleep.

Jan  14, call Dr’s office, he mention, it probably sit too much and I need to lay down more.  Back to work 1 hour, lay down 1 hour.

Jan 17, pain is mostly under control but woke up with leg swelled up. I can feel my foot is swollen and even my knee is swollen. Went to see the Surgeon, after examination, he determined everything is still fine. He mentioned it is normal that in the 3rd-4th week, patient gets pain and swollen due to increase in activities. I have a rash around the knee, he told me to use hydrocortisone cream.

Jan 19, the cream works, much less rash and itch now.  Been laying down more but every time I get up, I can feel the blood rushing down the leg and there is tightness and a little pain at the Achilles.

So far my experience seems to be much slower than many of the blog I’ve read but in line with the few people I know that had this injury. I don’t mind being slowe as long as I can get a full recovery in the long run.

My goal is to be back to the badminton court by end of this year, even if it is not a full game.

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  1. If you’re not icing you should do that in addition to elevating. For my bone spur surgery I spent the first 3 weeks elevating 90% of the time and icing for 20 minutes on and then an hour off. After that I was supposed to elevate 50% of the time for another 2 weeks. You ice behind the knee if you have a cast on or don’t want to get out of your boot.

    And as I’m finding - healing is a very individual experience. I’m having a huge difference between the healing of my right foot and left foot. Not at all what I expected.

  2. I had a lot of pain in the first few weeks, seemingly more than what I read in other blogs. It didn’t finally cease until around week 7-8 when I was finally able to sleep through the night.

    Keeping it elevated helps with the pain. I taught class for two months with my leg propped up on my desk. It will eventually get better.

  3. As everyone else has pointed out, the healing process is such an individual experience from person to person. Don’t get discouraged. You will eventually make a full recovery. I was on the same injury timeline as some other people on here and they were up and walking around a full month before I was even off the crutches. The human body is a mystery!

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