Preparing for Surgery

I was lucky to have about five days prior to my surgery to read up on what to expect and get at least a little organized.

After my doctor said I would need to elevate my foot for about 22 hours a day for two-weeks after surgery, it hit me that recovery would be a long process.

Here are a few things I did or wish I did to prepare for surgery:

  • Prescriptions - Fill in advance.  Monitor your use, especially as the weekend approaches.  You don’t want to run out over the weekend or long holiday weekend.
  • Cast Protector - Buy a cast protector to use when you shower.  I purchased a Carex brand cover at the local grocery/pharmacy for about $6.  It’s self seals.  So far I’ve used it for 4 times and it has held up great.  I’ve dealt with taping together ziploc bag to cover areas and it’s really a pain, plus you have to use tape on your skin, and usually it leaks anyways.
  • Knee Scooter - Expensive but worth the investment for me.  I’ll end up using it for at least a couple months and will hopefully be able to sell it to someone else in need down the road.  These can also be rented or purchased used.  At the orthopedic doctor’s office, several people raved about their scooter and how much it has helped them safely get around during the recovery process.  It has a basket on the front which allows me to carry things when I’m shopping and around the house.  I might need to order the cup holder attachment since I’ll be heading back to work soon.
  • Crutches - While the scooter was on order, I purchased crutches from the pharmacy.  It took a lot of energy to go through a store on crutches but they are great at home.  Sometimes it makes more sense to use crutches so it’s nice to have the option.

I’d be very curious to know of other tricks, tips, or devices people have found useful or useless.

Thanks everyone!

5 Responses to “Preparing for Surgery”

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  4. I always believe that the tools you used to matter a lot in any surgery. Doctors and their staff must prepare for it and make sure they are giving their 100 percent in this regard because health is prior to all.

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