26 July 2016 - D day…

On 1st Jan, like millions across the world, I placed my new year resolutions onto my fridge. I was excited at the challenges that lay ahead. I would like to share some;

1. Be happy. Always. Whatever..

2. Dance with my mother in law on her 80th birthday (Dec 31)

3. Carry my father in law home drunk on his wife’s birthday

4. Handstand on a beach in Sri Lanka

5. Live more. Work less

6. Rock with Tom Jones in Abu Dhabi

7. Kiss more…

8. Learn French

9. Never forget…

18 days after placing these resolutions onto my fridge I honestly thought my world had ended. Over a stupid game of 5 a side football. A serious rupture requiring surgery. I will never walk again……? How ridiculous could I have been?

This website and its members ability to continue to push a positive mental attitude, my wife’s ability to make me continue life as normal - a holiday to Oman? 4 weeks after my Op? Are you serious? (She was!) A hilarious physiotherapist, and, the piste de la resistance … my employer terminating my contract and removing my medical benefits immediately all built an inner resolve. This resolve ensured this ‘minor’ injury wouldn’t change me as a person although it has massively changed my life.

My surgeon told me on Jan 26th. In 6 months time you will be running 5km. No problem. You will get your life back. Many don’t…..

I am at 4km. On 26th July’ (or before) I will run 5km. Apart from the handstand on the Sri Lankan beach - I was too nervous, and rocking with Tom Jones in Abu Dhabi  - sadly his wife passed away meaning the concert was cancelled, there is nothing to stop me meeting my resolutions especially dancing with my mother in law!

For everyone out there, if you are going through the same journey, be strong, dig deep, take time to recover and be well, both mentally and physically. As the famous song goes ‘life is a roller coaster you’ve just got to ride it’..

Be well. Keep smiling.

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