Goodbye Tina + Anna….

In a previous blog back in February I discussed my trip to Oman. Flying Oman air was a great experience particularly the cabin crew. Seeing my crutches I was guided to a new seat to allow the leg to be horizontal during the flight. I was also given 2 very quick glasses of wine to calm my nerves…

On landing, I was handed my crutches. ‘This one is Tina and this one is Anna’ said the beautiful Omani cabin attendant ?! Of all the names in the world, how on earth Tina ¬†and Anna came to be I will never know. But, the names stuck, and T+A as they have been fondly christened, have been with me through some tough times.

There have been times when they went totally missing. On one particular visit to the restroom, after a couple of beers, I headed off back to the restaurant. Half way to table I got the feeling something wasn’t quite right…. Yep, T+A were still upright, in the restroom!

So this week we said goodbye. It was a great love affair but destined only to be short lived. Tina wasn’t in good shape. Following my fall into the restaurant fountain in Oman, she had a nasty bend at the bottom and wouldn’t have been of any use to anyone else. I thought of adoption. ‘Crutches’ or handing to the Kuwait hospital where, bizarrely, they do not give you crutches or sell them. They came as a pair. Anna wouldn’t have survived without her mate.

I picked the best skip in Kuwait. I see it each week as I shop for the groceries. It has a beautiful sea view and faces the sunset. Only the best for T+A…. As I laid them both to rest carefully, a shop attendant collecting grocery trolleys stopped.’Are you ok sir?’ He asked. ‘Just saying goodbye to 2 good friends’ I replied. We both stood in silence, a touching moment indeed.

Thanks T+A. I will always remember you….

4 Responses to “Goodbye Tina + Anna….”

  1. Haha, good job moving forward! Now no excuses for not helping, both hands free, yeah;)

  2. Bartender, I want one of whatever Shady is having! LOL
    Tina and Anna… boy, you were lucky your crutches were ladies… mine were cranky old guys that were always trying to trip me up! LOL
    They are inexpensive here in the US, and I haven’t been able to give them away yet, though they are almost new. I also still have my boot… and I don’t know where to donate that one either. But I understand your sentiment.
    I’ll have one in honor of the ladies… :-D

    Happy Healing!……….. Manny

  3. You are a great story teller! You should write a book on this! Congrats on ditching Tina and Anna…

  4. AMEN! Rip

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