You want me to do what…?! :-)

So the Dutch physio tells me to step onto the treadmill. 5km per hour. A very nice walk. I’m now at 14 weeks post op and every day feeling stronger. Back in my flip flops. Walking on the beach. Sometimes I forget. Especially when gazing at my beautiful wife over a cool glass of beer during one of our weekend trips to Bahrain (remember no beer in Kuwait). On the last trip, after one too many cool beers, I headed of to the washrooms and on my return totally forgot to limp…. ouch! Believe me you only do it once!

So, Im on the treadmill and the dutch psycho says ‘run’! What the f…. ? He puts the treadmill up to 6.5km per hour, thats marathon speed in my book, and shouts ‘run’! I shout back ‘ ‘f**k off!’. He gets my point. ‘Ok, he says, maybe next week?’ . Yea right mate. Maybe…. ha!

‘Get on to the steps’ he says. I step on carefully to the first step. ’second please’ he says. I go up one further step. ‘Right. Jump!!’ ‘WHAT??? Have you gone totally mad??’. ‘JUMP ENGLISHMAN.JUMP’…. I jump like a little new born lamb. It took an eternity to travel through the air. I braced myself for the pain as I hit the floor. And I landed. On two feet. No pain. Slightly embarrassed I turned around to see the laughter on his face. I wanted to hit him but at the same time kiss him! Its a PT/patient thing right??!

We did it 5 more times. On the 5th my achilles said ‘ok sunshine, now don’t take the *iss’. So i left it there.

Tomorrow is PT day. Wish me well. I have no idea what awaits. A parachute may be required….. :-)

2 Responses to “You want me to do what…?! :-)”

  1. wow! that’s incredible Shady1! well done!

    aye, dinna push yersel too much, next time try the beer before the PT, it may make you braver ;-)


  2. Just read all your posts, so fun and inspiring to read, thx for sharing;)

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