Call me a pansy but…

45 seconds. Exactly. No more. No less. I actually jogged for 45 seconds. No physio to be found. I was on the treadmill, at the gym, alone. I cried. Ok, as our good friend Manny said in his last post ’some will call me a pansy’. I don’t care. I’m with Manny. My wife always [...]

Goodbye Tina + Anna….

In a previous blog back in February I discussed my trip to Oman. Flying Oman air was a great experience particularly the cabin crew. Seeing my crutches I was guided to a new seat to allow the leg to be horizontal during the flight. I was also given 2 very quick glasses of wine to [...]

You want me to do what…?! :-)

So the Dutch physio tells me to step onto the treadmill. 5km per hour. A very nice walk. I’m now at 14 weeks post op and every day feeling stronger. Back in my flip flops. Walking on the beach. Sometimes I forget. Especially when gazing at my beautiful wife over a cool glass of beer [...]