I really do not believe it!

Two shoes? I can wear two shoes? Yep, said the physio. But only at work and take it easy.

So I exactly 9 weeks and 1 day, post op, I went to bed excited at the prospect of waking up and taking my spare shoe to work. Two shoes? Never could I have imagined something so small could have meant so much!

Up I got at the crack of dawn. Boot on. Sandwiches in work bag. Off I drove to work. Got to my desk excited to remove my hoot and guess what? Yep, I’d left the shoe at home…. 10 weeks. My big day. And I blew it!


3 Responses to “I really do not believe it!”

  1. Shady: “The sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow sun will shine!”
    Congrats on making 2 shoes, even if you haven’t “consummated” the new status. LOL But tomorrow is another day and I know you will shine! Just remember not to mix margaritas with your 2 shoes for a while.
    Now, how do I get the Annie Broadway show songs our of my head?
    Happy Healing!………….. Manny

  2. ha ha ha!

    it goes on to show how we mammals adapt to pretty much anything life throws at us!

    did you manage to take the shoes today?

    i hope so!

    take it easy! and very well done on getting to this milestone!


  3. Shady1 I can sympathize. I was positive I would go to two shoes at my last visit and I was right. Problem was my husband refused to let me take my second shoe to the appointment so I had to wait until I got home to wear it .

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