Happy birthday Oz…!

I’ve known my mate Oz for nearly 33 years. He’s my father in law. Not like your normal father in law. A friend. ┬áIn his company we laugh. A lot. And so off to Scotland ,where father in law lives, my beautiful wife headed to see her dad. Rightly so. On his birthday. Leaving me in the sandy desert of Kuwait with my ATR….

Well sod that I said to myself. And promptly booked myself a flight. Alone. I left the crutches behind and headed off to Kuwait airport to fly the magnificent BA jumbo via Heathrow to Glasgow and then via train down to the beautiful south Ayrshire village of Maidens - Turnberry to those golfers on the blog where a mr Donald trump now owns the vast majority of the area! With my Medi boot the ATR was soon forgotten. It is funny when a barman or cabin crew see the boot they instinctively think I need alcohol? Too right. And long may it continue!

So 7 hours from Kuwait to Heathrow flew by (sorry). An hour and a beer later another hour to Glasgow. And then a further hour on the train to Ayr and I was nearly at my adopted home. Picked up by my fantastic sister in law I arrived at father in laws door, strolled in as if I owned the place to surprise him on his birthday. Best thing was he had booked a large, not cheap, table at the local restaurant, and now he had to add another seat. Oh how I laughed. He didn’t!

And now I sit in Heathrow airport awaiting my trip back to the desert. The lady opposite me is in a wheelchair. Her brain is active, her smile infectious, she is laughing but her body cannot respond. I remember my father who lost his life to motor neurone disease. And I thank god that I have a small injury. It will recover. I can still travel across the world ,with little difficulty, to see my old pal. Life is precious. Enjoy every moment. Never complain. There is someone always in a far worse position than you. If you don’t think it’s possible, make it happen.

Happy birthday Oz. Thanks for the meal!

3 Responses to “Happy birthday Oz…!”

  1. Blimey Shade, the things you will do for a feed when you hear ime picking up the tab.

    Great night though, brilliant surprise, and thanks for the “big” wee dram, i shall drink to you every time i have some

    Haste ye back Son !


  2. hi Shady1! alas, i’m in glasgow, could’ve met a fellow atr sufferer!

    glad it all went smoothly!

  3. Great and encouraging heartwarming post Shady1

    Belated birthday wishes ozwig.

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