Not such a good idea..

Off to the beach I went. Alone. Sea water and wounds go together well. The salt water helps the healing process. I strolled down the beach in my Medi boot looking like a cross between robocop and an ageing baywatch life guard from the 80’s. I once came out of the sea in my trunnies and was told that with 4 more packs to add to my 2 pack I could pass as Daniel Craig… Alas, ATR, no exercise and working at Starbucks has now added a few pounds to the waistline. Even the  2 pack is hidden.

I digress from the story. So I’m in the sea enjoying the water. I look down and my feet begin to sink. And sink. And sink. I can get my good leg out but I simply cannot move ATR leg. I look around the beach for help. I’m too far away to shout. Along came along a friendly chap who thought I was joking. I showed him by shark bite and tried to explain in Arabic I was stuck!

I put my arm around him as he yanked me out of the sand and half carried me back to my sun bed. The embarrassment!

Message to brain. You’ve had a serious injury son. Who do you think you are pretending to be James Bond with one leg….?!

4 Responses to “Not such a good idea..”

  1. Sounds something like I would do!! I’ll let you know when I get back from the beach next week!!!

  2. Wow, that’s crazy (and funny). Thanks for the warning…

  3. Shady, you should produce a program called “Can you top this?”
    Getting trapped by your trustworthy boot! Unbelievable. My boot is screaming out from where I dumped it that this is impossible! Boots are loyal and supportive, not the equivalent of a sea wolf trap! LOL
    Oh… did you tell your wife? I can just imagine my wife’s laughter if something like that happened to me! After recovering from the laughter, THEN she’d rip into me fiercely! LOL
    Well, we see that you are really lucky, so all I can add is happy healing as you continue the Adventures of the Shady One!…. LOL

  4. Ah fear not manny my friend. My post mislead. I strolled down the beach to my sunchair in trusty boot but then removed it to get into the sea. And that was my downfall. How could I have disguarded my trusty friend? When I got back to my sunchair I swear I could see a smile on the boot. If only it could talk…!

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