The Dutch physio..

6 weeks ‘post op’ - I love that saying strangely and I’m sat in front of my new best friend. The physio. Dutch, male, young, studying for his full qualifications. I must admit, I have only ever had one physio in my 35 years of needing one, alas a move to the Middle East and previous physio retirement to Ireland and I find myself with the new kid on the block..

Its a bit disjointed . ‘What did the doctor advise?’.  ’Er, don’t drink alcohol’ I replied. He shook his head. You really shouldn’t wind up physiotherapists. He wasn’t happy . He pulled, stretched, tweaked and forced the bad leg up, down and sideways. Zero pain. Grabbed the ankle with both hands and yanked. No pain. He looked puzzled. ‘ you are presenting ( weird terminology) as though you are at week 10 post op not week 6..’ ‘Sorry’ I replied. ‘I didn’t wish to be any trouble!’

And so the hour past with the statutory ultrasound with gel. Does this really work? I was despatched with a couple of exercises, told to keep the boot and crutches and report again in a week. I walked out carrying the crutches, got to my car and threw them in the boot. They are still there.

The recovery is on…..!

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  1. Shady, it would seem that your phisio therapist does not know about accelerated rehab under the aggresive protocol that combines surgery with the boot.
    I, too, surprised my physical therapist with the flexibility of my ankle at week 6.
    thanks for the info and update! Dutch phisio… and here I was thinking you were going to be given aquatherapy or something like that! LOL

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