I should have taken the golf buggy…!

Oman is beautiful. It’s people very friendly. In a world full of madness a country of peace and tranquility. A 4 day break was just what the doctor ordered. ‘Do not remove boot,no alcohol and no weight bearing’ was his parting words as I left the surgery…

Living with crutches and a Medi boot affords many luxuries. I hopped through every security check at the airport. The airline crew offered the best seats in the house - apart from first class that is!

i settled down for the 2 hour flight and took the boot off and placed it across the spare seat kindly afforded to me. Within 15 minutes a glass of wine was delivered. The doc wouldn’t mind surely? It tasted like nectar! Another followed. This could be dangerous!

Arriving at the beautiful Omani hotel I was in awe. Marble everywhere. Steps. Steps. And yet more steps!

The pool was beautiful. A swim up bar. I hopped to the pool daily. Took off the boot and swam like a synchronised swimmer. I didn’t move far but smiled a lot when I reached the bar!

One evening we went to a beautiful beachside restaurant. The hotel was full of infinity pools. In the pitch black the water glistened against the marble. ‘I get you golf buggy sir to restaurant?’ said the attentive waiter. After 2 gin and tonics - it was dark and the doc wouldn’t know, I was full of bravado. ‘ No need I said’ as I hopped off thru the fountains. And then, without notice, the right crutch disappeared into a gap in the marble walkway. Down I went, dragging my wife and waiter with me . The boot took the fall as water splashed me from head to toe.For approx 10,seconds I thought I’d blown it. I was sure I’d re ruptured. The pain. My wife looked at me. After 30 years together she knows when I lie. I lied. ‘Im fine. Let’s eat’. I sat down and drank 2 glasses of wine ( sorry doc) in quick succession. The pain subsided ,that was, until the bill arrived!

Next morning I apologised to my bent crutch and vowed never to drink again. I went to the pool and vowed not to visit the pool bar. An hour passed and my friendly barman appeared with a beautiful glass of cold beer. ‘No need to swim sir, I bring to you today’!

And her I am, sat with my doctor at my update appointment. His opening question? ‘Did you obey my orders….’?! Er……

3 Responses to “I should have taken the golf buggy…!”

  1. Shady1, with that nickname, feel free to answer “I’ll take the fifth” (for non US people, the fifth amendment protects us from self-incrimination, and a “fifth” bottle of liquor is around 800cc).

    I certainly hope you did not re-rupture your tendon, and you actually shouldn’t have since the boot is really, really a wonderful piece of technology. Just be glad you got away with minor bruises and the pain of the fall… My wife might have kicked me in the knee of the injured leg if I had pulled that stunt, though. LOL
    Good luck with the Dr., and just don’t tell a lie, just “shade” in the facts… “social drinking” is a good descriptor…. and yes, do take the buggy! LOL

  2. A synchronized swimmer?
    I wonder where ive heard that comment before then Shade ?

    Soldier on son, soldier on

  3. lol loved your post. I can’t swim, love watching synchronized swimming but some how I don’t think you had on the correct nose plugs.

    Alcohol thins the blood so it’ should have helped keep you from a blood clot at least. Hopefully though it didn’t increase any bleeding, aka bruising with that swan dive.

    I agree, yep you should have taken that buggy. Chalk it up to your “ah shit” moment we all have at least one of before we learn to listen to the doctor lol.

    Having been married to the same man for 36 years I can agree with your wife. We don’t miss much anymore. We may be “ah” and “poo-pooing poor baby” you on the outside but snickering with love on the inside and thinking “told you so you dumb shit” as we kiss you better lol.

    Biggest question is did she go with you to the docs and rat on you or keep her silence lol?

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