I really do not believe it!

Two shoes? I can wear two shoes? Yep, said the physio. But only at work and take it easy.
So I exactly 9 weeks and 1 day, post op, I went to bed excited at the prospect of waking up and taking my spare shoe to work. Two shoes? Never could I have imagined something so [...]

The treadmill….

Ok Adie, said my fantastic Dutch physio, get on the treadmill. The treadmill? What, THE treadmill?! I could have kissed him. I haven’t been on a treadmill since January 16th. 2 nights before my fateful appearance on the Kuwait 5 a side football pitch.
He started the treadmill. I nearly fell off the back immediately! Nothing [...]

Happy birthday Oz…!

I’ve known my mate Oz for nearly 33 years. He’s my father in law. Not like your normal father in law. A friend. ┬áIn his company we laugh. A lot. And so off to Scotland ,where father in law lives, my beautiful wife headed to see her dad. Rightly so. On his birthday. Leaving me [...]

Not such a good idea..

Off to the beach I went. Alone. Sea water and wounds go together well. The salt water helps the healing process. I strolled down the beach in my Medi boot looking like a cross between robocop and an ageing baywatch life guard from the 80’s. I once came out of the sea in my trunnies [...]

The Dutch physio..

6 weeks ‘post op’ - I love that saying strangely and I’m sat in front of my new best friend. The physio. Dutch, male, young, studying for his full qualifications. I must admit, I have only ever had one physio in my 35 years of needing one, alas a move to the Middle East and [...]

I should have taken the golf buggy…!

Oman is beautiful. It’s people very friendly. In a world full of madness a country of peace and tranquility. A 4 day break was just what the doctor ordered. ‘Do not remove boot,no alcohol and no weight bearing’ was his parting words as I left the surgery…
Living with crutches and a Medi boot affords many [...]