Where are your crutches….? :-)

I was half way out of the front door. Boot on. Ready to go. Car keys in hand. ‘Er, aren’t you forgetting something?’ Said my beautiful, full time carer, otherwise known as my wife. I’d grown really close to my crutches. We’d been through a lot together. How could I forget them?!

I’m at 4 weeks post op. I shouldn’t be walking yet in my flip flops I’m feeling really good. With my boot on , thanks to fantastic German design, I honestly feel like dancing it really is that good. So off I went to see my specialist to get the go ahead to commence my PT .

He felt the wound. Asked about any pain and I made the big mistake. ‘It feels like you left a stitch in?’ I said hesitantly. And there it was. A stitch. Underneath the healing skin. He smiled. That smile sadistic doctors give before pain is inflicted. So I lay on my stomach as the tweezers went in for the kill. OMG. Holy *hit! It took 5 minutes. I could feel the blood trickle. He finished. Well, I thought he’d finished but no, there was more stitch to come. He went in for the second kill. I started to cry. The nurse looked at me. I laughed. The pain was worse than the ATR. Serious!

Afterwards I felt sick. Couldn’t care less about the PT. I just wanted to be with my crutches. Everything happens in life for a reason. The stitch was there to tell me to take it easy. Be patient. Do as you’re told.

I’m going on holiday tomorrow for 4 days. Me, wife and crutches. Can’t wait….!

2 Responses to “Where are your crutches….? :-)”

  1. Shady you are doing great! I laughed reading this, it’s wonderful when you realise that you don’t know where your crutches are or you’ve forgotten to take them along - great progress :) I also had a stitch left in although thankfully I saw it 3 days after the others were removed and went to a clinic to get it out. How do they leave them in? Crazy! Have a fantastic holiday!

  2. I think with all the dried blood already on the incision they don’t like to poke around looking for hidden stitches afraid of opening up the fresh scar.

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