NWB. PWB. FWB? Up until 3 weeks and 1 day ago, when I first found this fantastic website, I had no idea what any of the acronyms stood for! And here I am now,bordering on ecstatic, due to the fact I actually put my NWB (I understand now) foot on the ground! Ok, it was a small piece of my foot but there it was. On the ground. I stood there, crutch less. I waited 10 hours. Came home from work and did it again.Whether correct or not I am now claiming PWB.

Stood in the hospital, a mere 2 weeks and 3 days ago, post op drowsy, attempting to go to the toilet, wondering if I would ever stand again normally, I never saw this day coming. The bodies ability to heal itself is incredible. As is a positive mental attitude, or PMA as I like to know it! Next goal FWB!

3 Responses to “PWB??”

  1. Shady, just be careful not to put weight on the toes! PWB and FWB in the boot is part of the aggressive protocols, but my orthopedist warned me that barefoot you run the risk of stretching the tendon, which would be a real problem.
    Good luck, Shady, and don’t forget to listen to your surgeon and physical therapist. :-D

  2. Way to go Shady. Good luck on the continued recovery

  3. Manny, I’m starting to think you are a surgeon or PT in real life and you’ve been deliberately placed into this website?

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