It’s just me and the boot from now on!

I went back to have the stitches removed and can honestly say that was the most pain I felt since being initially shot in the middle of the football pitch!

The scar has healed well in 2 weeks and from a half cast and more bandages than is sold in a month in your standard pharmacy I am left with a 6inch waterproof ┬áband aid and of course my new best friend ‘boot’!

To all you fellow sufferers out there, a few weeks in front of me recovery wise, can you advise.

The doc said leave the boot on at all times apart from showering. Is this really necessary? I am in no pain and without the boot it encourages gentle stretching. Is this a bad thing?

Doc said still NWB for another 10 days? The boot actually encourages you to put your foot down?

Physiotherapy wont start for another 4 weeks? Anyone start any earlier?

And finally. The doc said there is a 4-6% chance of a re rupture. OMG. Has anyone had a re rupture, after surgery, whilst in a ROM boot?

Maybe I should just listen to the expert…..?

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  1. Shady1, just you and your boot? Might have the title for a story… :-)
    Now for some of your questions: First, the biggie of “can I rerupture while wearing a boot? I haven’t heard of anyone and think it would be a bit difficult to do, but - some people do the impossible regularly. You had surgery, have a really strong calf muscle, so I can imagine you somehow using your calf muscle and doing harm to yourself… not me, I’m too puny… but you? I’d listen to your Dr. And the same goes to NWB though I admit I kinda bent the rule and when I got the boot I just put as much weight as I could take… But I am not you… Read some of the treatment protocols linked to this site for more info and insight.
    Next, as to wearing the boot all the time. I got permission to take the boot off to sleep and then warned I could not put any weight on the foot without the boot! Since I have sleep-walked and do wake up at night to go to the bathroom, I decided to sleep and nap with the boot on as a precaution. I was really glad to take the boot off at the 2 month mark, since at Physical Therapy I am putting weight on my foot w/o the boot. So, once again I would follow the Dr’s advice to keep the boot on. Honestly, I see the boot as a protection for my foot and tendon and will probably use it if I am going into a “risky” walk/event during the 2 weeks after I go 2 shoes, to avoid a rerupture. What would be “risky” for me? an unpaved irregular walking path, a large public event or parade full of people, a major snowstorm… moments where I might HAVE to push my tendon to the limit. In your case, you are very much used to pushing yourself, to the limit, so…. my suggestion is wear the boot while you heal.

    Now, if you want to accelerate the rehab, just read the different articles and take one of them to your orthopedists. Another alternatives is to see if any local orthopedists are mentioned in them… maybe you can switch to a more aggresive treatment plan.

    Good luck, Shady!

  2. Thanks for making me smile Manny. Sleep walking? OMG! Now that would hurt! All the best.

  3. Shady1, welcome to the boot world!
    I also haven’t heard of anyone rupturing while in a boot. I reruptured mine while I was transitioning to shoes so I’d hang on to the boot as long as the doctor tells you to. I even showered with my boot the second time because I was so paranoid (the waterproof cast protectors are great for this.)
    My doctor really wanted me sleeping in my boot as long as possible because of the position it kept my foot in. He didn’t want me sleeping with my toes pointed (the natural position) because it could retract the tendon and he wanted to keep it at neutral. By week 8, I had taken off my boot to sleep and it seems like it’s fine. It’s just a pain to put it back on if I have to get up at night.
    He also didn’t really want me stretching it but he did want me to take it off 3 times a day to just make little circles with my toes. Just to keep the blood circulating but not to stretch the tendon. And yes, both times I was NWB for at least 4 weeks.
    The first time I started PT at week 3. I wish I would have just waited though, although the massage and icing was dreamy. The problem is that I went 3 times a week and she was really stretching it, something my current PT advises against. I waited until week 7 my second time around but I didn’t have to deal with swelling and the surgery issues I had the first time around.
    Hang in there- you are fortunate to have found this site as it’s a great source of encouragement and information.

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