The boot….

Well the ‘boot’ came as a shock financially. In Kuwait the fantastic medical treatment doesn’t stretch to things like crutches, boots etc. You are guided out of the hospital, across a dusty, crazy road full of mad taxi drivers,to the peace and serenity of the local pharmacy. Armed with a trendy set of crutches I’m on my way but the boot has to be obtained from Kuwait City. So off I head with my trusty taxi driver.

Arriving at the store I’m guided to a lift as the orthopaedic area is in the basement. How fantastic. A lift. Very thoughtful. And then the lift door opened to reveal 6 really steep steps! You had to laugh.

I hopped down the steps, avoiding an ATR of my good leg, to be shown an array of ‘boots’. My very Arabic speaking shop assistant sold me a very nice German boot (MEDI) for the equivalent of ┬ác$400 and sent me off into the sunset. Thanks to my medical coverage I can reclaim but that’s a lot of money for 1 boot. Not even a pair?! Lol!

Back in my apartment I looked for the instructions. Nothing. Only a reference to ‘wedges’ which can be purchase as ‘optional extras’. I have no idea if I need wedges. My stitches get removed tomorrow. My trusty Egyptian doctor will show me the way….

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  1. Shady, having lived in South America I know the feelings you describe, and it is part of the adventure.
    The wedges are inserts that lift your heel so that the tendon gets a better opportunity at healing. Just in case, I would call the pharmacy just to make sure they have the wedges available. You could probably cut out some from styrofoam (third world ingenuity at work) as a last resort, but the pharmacy or the manufacturer should have them.
    A thought: did the Dr. put a note in the prescription for the boot as to wedges? or as to inches of lift?

    Well, good luck, Shady. I’m glad you are in good physical shape, since the adventure has certainly been a harrowing one.
    Keep us posted!……….. Manny

  2. That doesn’t sound convenient or good for your foot at all! I would say to google the brand of the boot to see if it’s already angled. I’ve only heard of people going into the boot if it’s angled.
    The first time around, I had 3 wedges in my big black boot that I started off with. The second time, I used the Vacocast so it has a system built into it that allows you to start off with a pointed foot and end up in neutral, over time.
    Good luck to you!

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