First trip back to the consultant…

I wanted to see my foot. 7 days after the operation and I was in no pain. Weird. I had read so many other stories of horrific pain. Inability to sleep. A desire to cut the leg off from the knee and end it all. Yet I had nothing. I felt a fraud. Other than the cast on my leg and me hopping around like a one legged kangaroo, I felt fine.

So I went back to see the doc and demanded he cut off the cast and show me my wound. He smiled. Removed the biggest scissors in the world and went to work. He was holding my foot at a funny angle and as the cutting neared its conclusion I expected blood and puss to ooze from my cast. There was nothing. The gauze was removed to show a nicely stitched 5inch gash. It was clean with very little swelling.

Before my operation the doc told me I reminded him of the blond chap from ‘the great escape’ - I think it was a 1960’s war film. He even googled it as I sat in the surgery. He told me I was a good man and that God would take care of me…

So he wiggled my foot a little too much for my liking at which point my wife turned the other way. ‘I told you God would take care of you’. He said with a smile.

He placed me in another half cast and told me to come back in a week to remove the stitches.

‘Shukran jazeelan (thanks indeed) ‘I said, in my pathetic Arabic.

I am happy and am off to find a boot!

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  1. Wow sounds like my story lol. I had horrible pain first 2 days and after that I was off meds. I waited for my appointment which was 12 days post op. I was put directly into a boot post op. At first post op visit Doc removed my boot and bandages and there it was, a 5 inch stitched up wound with no swelling and very very little dried up blood on clothe. He cleared me for full weight bearing and I walked out of there. I had zero paid and like you I was wondering if they even did anything besides cut me open.

    Im 3 weeks post op now and today I felt a lil pain. I can move my foot, but I could do that already before surgery. I was told I had a complete tear but I was still able to walk on it and even bear full weight on 1 leg. 3 weeks out and I can walk on it without boot as well, but only have done it a few times. Most pain I have now is bottom heal from walking with wedges in the boot. Im ready to go back to work. good luck

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