My Second NYC Marathon….

I love the way this website has created a medical equivalent of running the NYC marathon. I get to follow my medical progress around the marathon route I actually ran, in my fathers memory, back in 2005. I am currently at 0.43 miles. This puts me just on the bridge ,on the way over from Staten Island to Brooklyn.

I remember the NYC marathon as if it were yesterday, not 10 years ago. I was nervous. Not really sure what to expect. I knew I would make it, I had to, there was too much depending on it. Too many people had sponsored me. I didn’t want to let anyone down. But the one thing that will live with me forever is the genuine friendliness and encouragement I received on the day. From arriving at registration, through to thefinish line ,I was out on that course for nearly 12 hours. Thousands of strangers all coming together to achieve one goal.

At the moment, 1 week post op, I cannot see myself running another mile for a very long time. How ironic that the encouragement and support I needed so much back in 2005, is now being replicated, via a web site designed for total strangers, to come together in support of each other.

Thanks to everyone for your support. It may take me a little longer to finish this marathon but finish it I will!

2 Responses to “My Second NYC Marathon….”

  1. That’s the spirit Shady! And take heart, this is a marathon in reverse because it gets easier, the first few miles are much harder than the last ones :) good luck and happy healing!

  2. Awesome attitude Shady!

    I agree with Beanie. I am 8 weeks in (Surgery Route) and its been mind blowing how disruptive this injury is in one’s life. I am still very early on in the recovery but it does get better fairly quickly… will appreciate every little bit of freedom you get back in the process. I just got my ability to carry and walk at the same time back and sadly it feels fantastic!

    Hang in there -

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