Where are your crutches….? :-)

I was half way out of the front door. Boot on. Ready to go. Car keys in hand. ‘Er, aren’t you forgetting something?’ Said my beautiful, full time carer, otherwise known as my wife. I’d grown really close to my crutches. We’d been through a lot together. How could I forget them?!
I’m at 4 weeks [...]


NWB. PWB. FWB? Up until 3 weeks and 1 day ago, when I first found this fantastic website, I had no idea what any of the acronyms stood for! And here I am now,bordering on ecstatic, due to the fact I actually put my NWB (I understand now) foot on the ground! Ok, it was [...]

It’s just me and the boot from now on!

I went back to have the stitches removed and can honestly say that was the most pain I felt since being initially shot in the middle of the football pitch!
The scar has healed well in 2 weeks and from a half cast and more bandages than is sold in a month in your standard pharmacy [...]

The boot….

Well the ‘boot’ came as a shock financially. In Kuwait the fantastic medical treatment doesn’t stretch to things like crutches, boots etc. You are guided out of the hospital, across a dusty, crazy road full of mad taxi drivers,to the peace and serenity of the local pharmacy. Armed with a trendy set of crutches I’m [...]

First trip back to the consultant…

I wanted to see my foot. 7 days after the operation and I was in no pain. Weird. I had read so many other stories of horrific pain. Inability to sleep. A desire to cut the leg off from the knee and end it all. Yet I had nothing. I felt a fraud. Other than [...]

My Second NYC Marathon….

I love the way this website has created a medical equivalent of running the NYC marathon. I get to follow my medical progress around the marathon route I actually ran, in my fathers memory, back in 2005. I am currently at 0.43 miles. This puts me just on the bridge ,on the way over from [...]