It was just a game of football…

They are strange places hospitals. They save your life. You are placed in the hands of strangers you have never met before and, in the case of nurses who care for you, may never meet again. You build up a bond. You trust. No more so is this trust greater than when you are in a foreign country, for me, Kuwait. English is not the native tongue yet you don’t need it. A smile speaks every language.

And then a guy comes into your life called a ‘consultant’. He will also be your ’surgeon’. When I think of surgeons I think of heart transplant surgeons. Those guys are fantastic. Me? I just ruptured my achilles playing football. Silly sod. At my age….

My surgeon tells me it’s serious. My previous 2 lung clots make it even more serious. I have to stop my warfarin medication 5 days before he can operate. This is a bummer. I want to get on with it… He asks me if I’m a patient patient? He is Egyptian and finds it funny the English language can sometimes throw up words spelt the same with differing meanings?!

I am one of life’s most laid back, ‘patient’ individuals. This drives some close to me crazy. ‘Exactly how patient do I need to be doctor?’ I ask. ‘Your life is in my hands and you will do things as I want them doing not as you feel they should be done. If you do as I say you will be back fully operational within six months.Firstly we need to get you through the operation, infection free, no blood clots and then let’s see how we go. Ok?’

This is serious….

The op flew by. My four days stay in hospital in Kuwait will live with me forever. Total strangers.Differing nationalities and religions. In a world where there is total madness. Too much death and destruction. Every one of the hospital staff went out of their way to make me feel special. They cared. I just went for a game of football. These guys saved my life.

Thank you Al Salam Hospital Kuwait.

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  1. Hi Shady….
    Be patient with your recovery. The first couple weeks are the hardest, but it gets better.
    I think you post speaks to all of the men and women in the healthcare world. They are truly amazing, caring people who spend everyday making the injured feel safe and cared for, no matter where you are or what language you speak.
    Speedy recovery, my friend….

  2. Hi, Shady! Sadly, the Achilles Tendon does not care if we are doing something exciting or not… my tendon ruptured as I was walking home from the subway… not at all exciting nor a good story to tell the kids….
    Now, your hospital story is really great! How many people get a surgeon to tell them (was it in a Boris Karloff voice?) “you vill do as I tell you and you vill be fine in six months”… or else! LOL Yes, I’m exaggerating, but I still am very glad you had such a great experience in Hospital Kuwait.

    The question now, is what rehabilitation protocol will you follow once the wound heals…. please keep us informed!

  3. HI Shady, like Manny says, please keep us informed. My mother had to wait 4 weeks in the hospital for throat surgery because of blood thinners she was on from a heart attack.

    Good luck on your recovery.

  4. Hi Shady,
    Did the surgeon manage to open your wallet, that must have took a lot of skill and persuasion.

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