Where to start……guess the injury is a good start.

I’m a 33yo old hockey player (field no ice) in Hobart, Australia. On the 13 April this year I was playing in the second match of the season. I was running backwards tackling a player for the ball. Put might right foot down to stop and take off when BANG!!! Went down in a heap. The umpire who was next to me asked “What was that?”, my reply through gritted teeth was “Think that was my leg”.

Went to hospital that night. A surgeon was on duty so was put straight under the knife for a repair. I then spent 3 weeks in a cast with the toes pointed and then 3 weeks in a cast with a shoe. 

After removal of cast’s I started the long recovery back. I ride every day to work now (about 20Km’s total) and do daily exercises.

I’ve recently been asked to play in a summer hockey side starting in October. Not sure if I’m ready or  not too. When do others start sports again?

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  1. Hey Pal

    I went back to hockey after a long break from sport in general (high level rugby player, rower, skier and bobsleigh). Guess I thought I was able just to go back to where I left off. I was playing out of position - playing centre back (usually right half) and I was doing a lot of tracking back so yeah a lot of backward movement on tiptoes and I guess it just stressed out my achilles too much too soon. I was tracking back and I turned quickly to follow a ball and bam like you - felt like I had been smacked I the leg with a stick - I looked back to see who had dared him me.

    I am not going the surgery route. but by now you should be back up and running or at least jogging?

    Whats the crack?



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